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Question: What are the Summer Membership options available to access the Aggie Recreation Center for Summer 2017?
Answer: To access the ARC for Summer 2017, patrons must have been registered as a student for the Spring 2017 semester AND currently registered for Fall 2017 classes.  The cost for the ARC Summer Membership is $102 and can be paid at the Registrar’s Office.

Question: If I purchase the ARC Summer Membership, can I also purchase the Spouse Pass for my spouse to have ARC access?

Answer: Yes!  If your Spouse is registered for Summer classes and has paid ALL student body fees, you will have the option to purchase a Spouse Card and access the ARC. Student spouse only can buy a spouse pass. 

Question: What if I do not wish to workout at the ARC but would like to workout at the Fieldhouse or access HPER Pools?
Answer: Campus Recreation provides an alternative Summer Membership to access the and HPER Pools. The cost is $27.54 for the Summer Semester. Hours.

Question:  Why is there a new dress code in the ARC?

Answer:  In order to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria and to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, dress codes at Recreation Centers have quickly become an industry standard.  Wearing shirts, proper footwear, and other workout attire has proven to be an effective approach to protecting fitness equipment, flooring surfaces, and the overall health of facility patrons.  The Department of Campus Recreation cares about providing each student with the best experience possible in a clean, safe, and sanitary environment.  We appreciate your help and cooperation in allowing us to achieve this goal.

Question:  How did the new Dress Code Policy get approved?

Answer:  In October 2015, student members of the ARC and ALF Student Policy Board voted and approved all policies associated with the Aggie Recreation Center.  Among others, this included the ARC Dress Code Policy.

Question:  Do I need to wear a shirt at the outdoor basketball courts or sand volleyball courts?

Answer:  No.  Due to the nature of the activity and the outdoor venue, Campus Recreation will not require shirts to be worn at the outdoor basketball courts or outdoor sand volleyball courts.

Question:  Can I remove footwear for a yoga fitness class or to play sand volleyball?

Answer:  Yes!  Bare feet participation is inherent to the nature of those activities and participants will be permitted to remove footwear.

Question:  Can I still play basketball in the Fieldhouse without wearing a shirt?

Answer:  Yes!  Many students have expressed interest in maintaining this option in the Fieldhouse for those individuals who prefer to play basketball without a shirt.  We listened to your suggestions and will keep this option available. However, Campus Recreation always recommends wearing workout shirts and proper workout attire.


Question:  What is the locker pricing for the ARC?

Answer:  $40 per semester for a half locker and $50 per semester for a full locker.

Question:  What is your locker refund policy?

Answer:  Locker will not be refunded after the 10thday of the initial locker sale.  If refunded prior to 10 days, a full refund will be issued.  All lockers in the ARC, Fieldhouse, and HPER are subject to the same refund policy