Big 3 Challenge

Feb. 27-29 & Mar. 4-7 | 6 - 8pm | Center Court in Fieldhouse

Will you join the 250, 500, 750, 1000, or 1200lb club? Our fitness staff records your max bench press, squat, and deadlift. Based on your total of all 3, you join the 250, 500, 750, 1000, or 1200lb club! And get a t-shirt to prove it. The Big 3 Challenge will run for two weeks from Feb. 27-29 and March 4-7 in the Fieldhouse. Open lift will be offered each day from 6:00pm to 8:00pm where fitness staff members will be available to sign participants in, spot, and judge lifts. Each participant should warm-up on their own time and will let a fitness staff member know when they are ready to max on whichever lift. Three (3) attempts will be given to each individual for their maximum squat, deadlift, and bench. Any attempt spotted or watched by a fitness staff member will count whether it is a completed or failed lift. Lifts will be recorded immediately after each attempt. Lift attempts may be completed in any order, on any day of the challenge. Lifts may not be completed outside of the ‘open lift’ times. Upon completion of the challenge, participants will ‘sign out’ and provide a shirt size for whichever ‘club’ their 3 lifts total to. 3 lifts, 3 attempts, t-shirt guaranteed!



Surge for Fun

Mar. 19 | 6:30-7:15pm | ARC North Court | Free

Don't know what SURGE is? SURGE FIT is the energizing HIIT workout that will get you results fast! High intensity cardio tracks that push fat burning systems into high gear are intertwined with high-rep strength training tracks that shape and tone your body for maximum results. Join our instructor Sammi for A fun surge class and nring a friend who might not have a Group Fitness pass to experience this fun class.


I Love Myself Spin

Mar. 26 | 7-8pm | Locomotion | Free

Group Fitness is about loving yourself and having fun. Come celebrate yourself and join our instructor Bella in a confidence and self love playlist. We will have mantra and motivational quotes for you to take after class.



Glow n' Flow Yoga

Mar. 27 | 6-7pm | HPER 102 | Free with Group Fitness Pass, $5 without

Unlike a typical class, practicing in near darkness makes you more cognizant of your surroundings—your brain relies on heightened awareness from senses other than vision to process sensory information in order to stay balanced. If it feels like a fit, glow for it! Come join our instructor Brindley for a fun, fluorescence flow yoga class. Wear your brightest Yoga gear and we will provide glow bracelets and necklaces in class and glow paint for your face if you want to.


AggieFit Games

Apr. 13 | 9am - 1pm | Fieldhouse

Get pumped for our AggieFit Games! It's a fitness face-off featuring challenging exercises that blend lifting, cardio, and gymnastics. Brace yourself for an action-packed competition where strength meets intensity, and every rep counts. Whether you're a seasoned AggieFit enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this event promises an adrenaline-fueled showcase of functional fitness.