Nutrition Coaching

Meet with a Registered Dietitian for a one-on-one consultation designed to review and assess your dietary needs, answer nutritional questions, establish nutrition goals, and learn the best way to fuel your body through healthy eating strategies.


Consultations are 30-60 minutes in length. Please request a nutrition consultation below and a Registered Dietitian will contact you. 
Nutrition Coaching is also available through Zoom.

Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

Follow-up consultations are 15-30 minutes, and are crucial to adhering to new, healthy lifestyle changes while modifying plans as needed for maximum results. Purchase your consultation with follow up sessions package discounts!

Nutrition Coaching Request

Thank you for your interest in our Nutrition Coaching Program. We want to help you reach your health goals by pairing you up with our Registered Dietitian. All information submitted in this form will be kept confidential. Please fill out the form thoroughly. Email if you have any questions.


Nutrition Coaching Hours

Nutrition coaching sessions are generally offered Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. There is no weekend availability at this time.


Session Type Students Community
Nutrition Coaching Session $20 $50
Nutrition Coaching Session Follow-Up $10 $30
Nutrition Coaching Session + 1 Follow-Up $25 $75
Nutrition Coaching Session + 2 Follow-Ups $30 $100
Nutrition Coaching Session + 3 Follow-Ups $35 $125

Personal Training + Nutrition Bundle

# of Sessions Student Community
6 PT sessions + 3 Nutrition Sessions $194 $379
10 PT sessions + 3 Nutrition Sessions $270 $531
15 PT sessions + 3 Nutrition Sessions $356 $684


Meet our Registered Dietitian

Campus Rec

My name is Brooke Lister. I am excited to be back at USU as a Registered Dietitian. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science in 2018 and my Master’s degree in Public Health with a Nutrition emphasis in 2022 from Utah State. I have always had a passion for health and wellness and initially wanted to be in the medical field but quickly realized I was not cut out for that. I developed my passion for Dietetics once I realized how big of an impact food has on our well-being. My goal is to be able to help clients improve their relationship with food and their body so they can show up for what matters most in life. I want to help others implement health promoting behaviors in order to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please use the link above - I would love to meet with you!