Welcome to the Injury Prevention & Care Center

The Injury Prevention and Care (IPC) Center is committed to providing medical and emergency services to club sport athletes and intramural participants, as well as patrons of the facilities of Campus Recreation at Utah State University. The primary services of the IPC Center are; injury prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, injury treatment and rehabilitation, first aid and emergency care, and referrals to other healthcare professionals. We will provide quality and accessible treatment and keep all staff trained with continued education to provide the best medical care possible.


We are currently hiring for an Athletic Trainer!
Our current Injury & Prevention Care services are limited at this time.
Our student staff can help with icing and taping Mon.-Thu. 2 pm -9 pm.

Club Sports Coverage: Certified Athletic Trainers cover high-impact home sporting events for all Club Sports teams. Medical kits are available for all teams who are traveling or practice off-campus. 


Injury/Illness Prevention & Wellness Protection
Make play/recreation as safe as possible to reduce the risk of injury. Educate athletes, participants, and students.

Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis
Services from minor injuries to catastrophic event. We will refer to other medical professionals when necessary.

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available to asses injuries by scheduled appointment in the Aggie Recreation Center. Our Injury Care Center is located on the first floor down the first hall after the MAC. For appointments please fill out the Injury Evaluation Request Form.

Immediate & Emergency Care
Complete and maintain CPR/AED certification, plan before injuries occur and recognize life-threatening signs and symptoms.

Treatment & Rehabilitation
Return athletes to play injury free. This includes first aid, physical therapy, modality treatments, and being a continuous outlet of support.

Organizational & Professional Health & Well-being
Maintain license and certification, adhere to Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Complete continuing education and use resources to provide the best care possible.