Student Fees

Student Fee Process

Your student fees go through a multistep process and are reviewed annually for approval by students, the university president, the USU Board of Trustees, and ultimately, the Utah Board of Higher Education.

A fee begins its approval process at the student fee board. USU has two fee boards: one for the Logan campus and one for Statewide Campuses. The student fee board consists of elected student body officers, administrators, and seven appointed students-at-large, who apply to serve on the fee board each year. The student fee board roster can be found further down this page.

Each fee is represented on the board by a student body officer as well as a staff member as an administrative representative. Each year, the student body officer and administrator convene a group to review the fee’s budget and financial status to determine if the fee will stay the same, decrease, or increase. They fill out the necessary forms and present their request to the student fee board.

The full fee board hears presentations from any fee receiving areas requesting an increase. The board votes to approve the whole or partial amount requested.

All recommendations on fee increases or decreases are compiled in a letter of recommendation sent to the university president.

Please refer to the USU Logan Campus Student Fee Board Policy for more information.

The student fee board’s recommendation is discussed and presented at an annual public Truth-in-Tuition hearing by the university president and USUSA president. All concerned students and citizens are invited to attend.

2021 Truth-in-Tuition Hearing
March 3rd, 2021
TSC Ballroom | Broadcast to all Statewide Campuses 
The hearing will also be livestreamed at

Utah State University is proposing several changes to tuition and student fees rates. The overall net effect will be a 0% change in student fees and a 0% to 2.9% increase ($0 to $98 increase) in tuition, depending on the campus, for a full-time resident undergraduate student.

After the hearing, the university president will review the student fee board’s recommendation and send in a presidential recommendation to the USU Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees reviews the president's recommendation and forwards their recommendation to the Utah Board of Higher Education for approval.

In the language of the new Utah Board of Higher Education student fee policy 6.5, "the Board shall consider the board of trustees' recommendation and, by majority vote in a public Board meeting, approve, modify, or deny the establishment, revision, continuance, or repeal of a general student fee."


2020-2021 Rates Per Semester

*Rates are for 12-18 credits. See for full list of credits and corresponding fees under “Tuition and Fee Schedules”.

Member Office Chair of Fee Receiving Area Adminstrator of Fee Receiving Area Business Services Respresentative
Lucas Stevens
Executive VP USFB Chair James Morales / Suzanne Thorpe /
Taya Flores
Sami Ahmed
President Activity Fee Linda Zimmerman /
Jennifer Seamons
Alex Braeger
Grad. Studies Senator Health Fee Scott Deberard
Vicki Laursen
Jenn Ha
Student Advocate VP Building Fee Dan Christensen
Glen Schmidt
Rachel Arner
PR Director Activity Fee (Statesman) Nate Laursen
Jennifer Seamons
Cooper Karras
Engineering Senator Computer Fee Gary Egbert
Amy Kitchen
Porter Casdorph
Student Events VP Student Center Fee Ray Cheatham
Brandi Gittins
Trevor Wilkey
Athletics VP Athletics Jerry Bovee / Jamie Sweeten /
Maggie McInerney
Ryker Marble
Art Senator Music/Theater Fee Richard Walker
Keri Shoemaker
Maria Catalano
NR Senator Aggie Blue Bikes Meg McCarthy
Jennifer Seamons
Elizabeth Drake
Education Senator Bus Fee James Nye 
Jess Geddes
Olivia Hoge
CHaSS Senator Library Fee Robert Heaton
Rachel Hamm
Noah Braeger
Science Senator Sustainability Fee Sean Damitz
Jennifer Seamons
Oscar Diaz
Diversity VP Campus Recreation Fee Daniel Lawrence
Jennifer Seamons
Brock Hardcastle
Business Senator Aggie Recreation Center Fee Daniel Lawrence
Jennifer Seamons
Austin Flitton
CAAS Senator CAPS Fee Scott Deberard
Vicki Laursen

James Morales Vice President for Student Affairs - Voting Member
Eric Olsen Associate Vice President for Student Affairs - Ex Officio member (non-voting)
Linda Zimmerman Director for Student Involvement & Leadership - Ex Offico member (non-voting/executive secretary)
Whitney Pugh Executive Director Budget & Planning Office - Ex Officio member (non-voting)
Sophia May SILC Staff Assistant (Non-voting member-secretary)

Students at Large

Jonathan Ashdown
Niyonta Chowdhury-Magana
Hailey Darrow
Braden Morrill
Christopher Peragallo
Clark Rawson
Chad Withers

Member Office
Nathan Rawlings
Statewide Campus President
Hunter Warren
Blanding Executive VP
Alex Braeger
Grad. Studies Senator
Kelsey Johnson
Brigham City Executive VP
Haley Rice
Moab Executive VP
Leahra Fernandez
Southwest Executive VP
Braxton Evans
Tooele Executive VP
Kaitlyn Buckner
Uintah Basin Executive VP
Karlin Bauman
Wasatch Executive VP
Taylor Adams
Assistant Vice President, Statewide Campuses
James Morales
Vice President for Student Affairs
Chelsey Spears
Director, Student Life
Jessica Roueche
Program Coordinator, Blanding Campus
Sophia May
Program Coordinator, Logan Campus
Sione Siaki
EUSA President
Christine Downs Cisneros
Statewide Campuses Financial Officer