Enable Turnitin in a Canvas Assignment

Turnitin is a software program that helps instructors detect plagiarism by comparing text from student assignments to a database of outside sources. Turnitin can be enabled in a Canvas assignment to produce an originality report for each student submission.

To enable Turnitin within an assignment, follow these steps:


In Canvas, on the course navigation menu, click Assignments


On the Assignments page, click Add Assignment (or edit an existing assignment)


On the Assignment Details page, complete the Assignment Name, Description, Points, Assignment Group and Display Grade As fields


In the Submission Type field, select Online


Select File Uploads and/or Text Entry for the Online Entry Options


From the dropdown menu of the Plagiarism Review box, select Turnitin

Choose turnitin from the select menu labeled similarity_detection_tool.


Choose your preferred options for the Turnitin plagiarism review

Note that the Standard/Student Repository is a database of all files submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism review across all Turnitin customer accounts. Storing submissions there is optional, but is necessary for Turnitin to compare papers within the same class.

After enabling Turnitin, select additional settings options


Set the assignment due and availability dates


Click Save


What Students See When They Submit

With Turnitin enabled for plagiarism review, students will be asked to check a box certifying that their submission is their own work at the point of assignment submission.

How Turnitin Reports Appear to the Teacher

With Turnitin enabled, teachers will see a colored originality score indicator in the SpeedGrader for each student's submission. The teacher can click on the indicator icon to view a full Turnitin report. Indicators also appear in the Canvas gradebook.

The turnitin report icon is listed alongside the assignment file link