Bolder Way Forward for Utah

A Bolder Way Forward

National and statewide studies continue to show that women and girls in Utah are not thriving in critical areas. Year after year, Utah continues to have high levels of domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and gender-based discrimination, while also ranking as the worst state for women’s equality and having low levels of women’s leadership representation in nearly all domains, including politics and business. Although the needle has moved slightly in a few areas, with its current trajectory it will take three or four decades to make notable progress. It is time for Utah to embrace A Bolder Way Forward (BWF). When we lift Utah girls and women, we lift all Utahns!

For a more in-depth overview of the Bolder Way Forward, watch the 15-minute video presentation below and then review this 3-page framework document [Spanish]. To see a list of the key milestones in the BWF, review the Building the BWF Bridge document. Watch the BWF 2nd Annual Summit opening session for an update on the BWF.

A Bolder Way Forward For Utah





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The primary aim of A Bolder Way Forward is to help more Utah women and girls thrive. Utah women and girls thrive when all aspects of their safety, security, health, and wellbeing are met, allowing them to explore and pursue educational, professional, civic, leadership, and other opportunities according to their interests, and to feel abundant levels of support and a sense of belonging as they do so. We can conceptualize how this vehicle will move up a paved road using the metaphor of a wheel. This includes 18 areas of focus (spokes), which fall into five broader categories. Each spoke, a key area where change needs to occur, is a movement with a coalition that functions to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. BWF components are illustrated in the graphic below, and individual spoke webpages share introductions, leadership, bold vision and goals, thriving statements, partners, and ways to get involved. Additionally, the rim of the wheel represents four overarching issues (sexism, identity, culture, and male allyship) that permeate across and influence each spoke (see impact teams for more details).




There are 18 BWF areas of focus (spokes), in five categories: education, community engagement, safety and security, health and wellbeing, and workplace.

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Impact Teams

There are issues that permeate across each spoke that need attention. The four "rim" topics include sexism, male allyship, culture, and identity.

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County Coalitions

Co-leads in each county engage leadership teams to spread the work in their county and strategize to help girls and women in their county better thrive.

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Key Committees

Key Committees convene quarterly to brainstorm ideas, suggest approaches, and offer strategies that can help the BWF be successful.

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BWF partners comprise community organizations who are committed to making Utah a place where more girls and women can thrive in any setting.



Champions are dedicated to serving the community and committed to strengthening the impact of girls & women in Utah.



All donations help build momentum for A Bolder Way Forward. We thank the organizations and individuals who have contributed to this initiative.

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Data Visualizations

These BWF dashboards show spoke goals, current metrics, and will track progress toward the intended outcomes within the 7-year movement.


Utah must do better to ensure everyone thrives. Melinda Gates once stated, “If you want to lift up humanity, empower women. It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high-leverage investment you can make in human beings.” Our vision is not to lift girls and women at the expense of boys and men—that is the scarcity mentality. Instead, we believe that there is enough for everyone through cooperation and collaboration: the abundance mentality. When we strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women, we can strengthen everyone!