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Finance and Economics Club Meeting


This semester we are focusing on getting prepared for the recruitment season, which really begins as early as June and through the early fall. It is absolutely essential that we all have our resumes and cover letters in the correct format and adequately vetted before we begin applications. For this next meeting, we will be meeting together to discuss the format and how to word things on our resume/cover letters. On the Finance & Economics Club canvas page, you will find templates for your resumes and cover letters. If your resumes/cover letters are not in this format, we encourage you to convert them into this format before our meeting on Thursday. We would like everybody to bring their laptops to the meeting with your resume and cover letter already begun. We will briefly discuss format and answer questions, nut for the bulk of the meeting, we would like each of you to network with everyone else to find out how they worded things and how you may be able to improve your resume/cover letters. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get your resume/cover letters in good shape! Additionally, we will talk about proper email etiquette if we have time. Hope to see you there!

2/21 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Huntsman Hall | More Info




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