The USU Esports Club exists to give our gamers on campus a home to be and enjoy video games in both a casual and competitive environment. Esports is an emerging industry, and we hope to champion Utah State's support of the medium through competition and community.

Practice & Home Game Location

The USU Esports Studio, where Esports team practices take place using top of the line gaming machines from the ITLS Department and Student Affairs/Campus Recreation, is located at the Esports Center (ESC).
The Esports Center is located in the old Distribution Center, across from the Aggie Village, behind the Maverick Stadium, above the Old OP Rental Shop. 

Upcoming Events

Event Date Location
NBA 2k Tournament Tuesday, Nov. 2 | 6pm ARC
Overwatch Tournament Thursday, Nov. 10 | 6:30pm Esports Center
Mario Kart 8 Tournamnet Wednesday, Nov. 16 | 6pm Esports Center

Season Schedule Fall and Spring

Schedules are updated as they become available.

Time Date Arena

Executive Council

Name Discord Tag Role
Tanner Zylon#8008  
Curtis McWert#9766  
Connor NightZephyr#1284  
Jonny Captain#6845  
Kyle Agentawesome9#5949  
Piper boohbee#0069 Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Chase Jaialai#7858 Social Media Director

Game Admins

Title Name Discord Tag
Valorant Curtis McWert#9766
League of Legends Josh Elkuno#8694
Halo Jason Adjasoncy#8694
Rocket League Ethan carm1key#2506
Overwatch Chase jaialai#7858
Rainbow Siege 6 Jack WarRhino#4891
CS:GO Mitch J_Arno#5509
Apex Jackson stonewalljax#4511
Call of Duty TBD  
Fortnite TBD  

Club Admin

Email & Social Media