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Fall Sports

Intramural Team Registration:

As Intramural staff we are committed to creating a fun environment for competitive sports. We have chosen to create a new process to ensure that the level of enjoyment increases. This effects the process of team registration. We are insisting that teams have a minimum number of players on the roster before the game date and time will be locked in order for the team to be registered. This will help prevent individuals from signing up for a team and never filling the roster which creates forfeits throughout the season.

If your team is pending this means you need to reach the minimum number of players before it will lock in place.

3v3 basketball: 3 players, Futsal: 5 players, 5 v 5 basketball: 3 players, 
4 v 4 volleyball: 3 players, Softball: 5 players, Ultimate Frisbee: 5 players

If your team does not lock in the time slot before the league fills, then you will be put on a waiting list or will have the opportunity to transfer to another time. This is a first come, first registered basis.