Students enrolled in classes, paying student body fees, have access to the ARC, Fieldhouse and HPER.

During Summer months, Students not currently enrolled in classes can purchase a summer membership at the Service Desk.

FY21/22 Student Fee is $36.98 for students registered as full-time. 

Benefitted Faculty & Staff
Faculty and Staff are allowed access to the ARC at no charge due until August 31, 2021. 

After August 31, 2021, Faculty and Staff can purchase an ARC Membership: 
  • Monthy pass: $25
  • Semester pass: $100 (pro-rated daily)
  • Annual pass: $250 (one-time payment) 
Faculty and Staff have free access to the Fieldhouse and HPER during the academic year.

Hourly Adjunct Faculty & Staff
Hourly and adjunct employees can purchase a membership that gives access to the ARC, Fieldhouse, and HPER.

  • Monthy pass: $25
  • Semester pass: $100 (pro-rated daily)
  • Annual pass: $250 (one-time payment) 

Guest Passes
A member can sponsor a guest over the age of 18 by purchasing a $5 day pass to the ARC and Fieldhouse.

Guest passes for HPER can be purchased at the HPER service desk for $3 day pass.  

To purchase a Spouse Campus Recreation membership, spouses must go through the Card Office

Student Spouse
Must be married to a registered USU student.
Cost: $15 for card +$40 access fee
Student spouses will have access to all Campus Rec facilities and program registrations.
Student spouses can register for Outdoor Programs, Intramural Sports, and purchase a Group Fitness membership

Faculty & Staff Spouse
Must be a spouse of a benefited USU Faculty or Staff Employee.
Cost: $15 for card + $40 access fee (only valid for HPER & Fieldhouse)
To access the ARC, you must purchase an ARC membership at the ARC Service Desk.
  • Monthy pass: $25
  • Semester pass: $100 (pro-rated daily)
  • Annual pass: $250 (one-time payment)  

Learn more about the process on USU Card Office's website.