Students enrolled in classes, paying student body fees, have access to the ARC, Fieldhouse, and HPER.

During the summer months, students not currently enrolled in classes can purchase a summer membership. Students must have been enrolled during the Spring and register for the Fall to buy a summer membership.

Summer Membership Options:

  • Monthly pass: $25
  • Summer Semester pass: $75 (pro-rated daily)

Leave of Absence

Students with declared leave of absence may buy a membership up to 3 years from the end date of the last student membership. Leave of absence memberhsip can only be purchased once for the duration of the semester. 

Faculty & Staff
All Faculty and Staff can purchase an ARC Membership. Full-time benefited Faculty and Staff can enroll in payroll deduction. To purchase a membership, visit the ARC Service desk to fill out a payroll deduction opt-in form or purchase a month-to-month membership.
  • Payroll Deduction (benefited faculty & staff only): $16.75 per month
  • Month-to-month membership: $25
All ARC Faculty & Staff memberships come with the following benefits.
  • Full access to the Aggie Recreation Center and programs
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes (40 on average per week)
  • Discounted personal training packages
  • 35% discount on Outdoor Programs equipment rentals
  • Climbing Wall Access
Payroll Deduction Memberships are not eligible for refunds. Cancellations must be submitted 5 business days before the start of a new month. If submitted late, you may be charged for an additional month. 

Faculty and Staff have free access to the Fieldhouse and HPER during the academic year and the HPER during the summer.


Recent graduates can purchase an ARC membership for up to one year after graduating:

  • Monthly pass: $25
  • Semester pass: $100 (pro-rated daily)
  • Annual Pass: $250 (one-time payment)

The ARC Alumni membership comes with full access to the Aggie Recreation Center, Fieldhouse, HPER, and eligibility to purchase and participate in programs offered by Campus Recreation. Examples include group fitness passes and personal training, intramural sports, fitness and nutrition consultations, and outdoor equipment rental.

*Recent graduate is defined as graduating from USU within 365 days.

Guest Passes
ARC & Fieldhouse
A member can sponsor a guest over the age of 18 by purchasing a $8 day pass to the ARC and Fieldhouse.

Guest Pass Packages are also available:
3 Pass Package: $18 ($6/pass)
5 Pass Package: $25 ($5/pass)

Guest passes for HPER can be purchased at the HPER service desk:
  • Adult Pass: $5
  • Child pass (under 18): $3
  • Packages:
    • 6 Pass Package: $25 (buy 5 , get 1 free)
    • 12 Pass Package: $48 ($4 per pass)
    • 24 Pass Package: $72 ($3 per pass)


To purchase a Spouse Campus Recreation membership, spouses must go through the Card Office

Student Spouse
Must be married to a registered USU student.
Cost: $15 for card +$40 access fee
Student spouses will have access to all Campus Rec facilities and program registrations.
Student spouses can register for Outdoor Programs, Intramural Sports, and purchase a Group Fitness membership.
Summer Membership
To purchase a Spouse Summer membership:
  • The spouse must have been a member during the Spring semester
  • The student must purchase a Student Summer Membership
  • Paid membership fee: $25/month or $75/summer

Faculty & Staff Spouse/Partner
Must be a spouse or USU-recognized domestic partner of a benefited USU Faculty or Staff Employee. Must be listed as a dependent with USU Human Resources and be issued a USU A-number.
Cost: $15 for the card (only valid for HPER & Fieldhouse)
To access the ARC, you must purchase a membership at the ARC Service Desk.
  • Payroll Deduction through USU Faculty/Staff: $30 per month total for both members
  • Month-to-month membership: $25 per month per person.

Learn more about the process of obtaining a USU ID card at USU Card Office's website.

Lockers can be purchased at the ARC, Fieldhouse, and HPER.


ADA Lockers/All Gender/Half Lockers

  • 1 semester: $45
  • 2 semesters: $85
  • 3 semesters: $125

Full Lockers

  • 1 semester: $55
  • 2 semesters: $105
  • 3 semesters: $155

Hallway Lockers

  • 1 semester: $35
  • 2 semesters: $65
  • 3 semesters: $95


Half Lockers

  • 1 semester: $35
  • 2 semesters: $65
  • 3 semesters: $95

Full Lockers

  • 1 semester: $45
  • 2 semesters: $85
  • 3 semesters: $125