Dining Services Dream Team

"Creating an Excellent College Experience"

Ever won a prize from Dining Services giveaways? Ever spun our wheel of goodies at events? Ever received a free meal or treat? Ever seen the blue buggy zoom around campus? Ever gotten approached by some random girls with free food? That's us, the Dream Team!
We do what we can everyday to spread a little happiness on campus to Create an Excellent College Experience for students, faculty, and staff! Read more about the fun things we do and meet the team below! 

Dream Team Events/Promotions

The Dream Team runs many events/promotions with the intent to spread joy on campus, specifically to meet our mission of "Creating an Excellent College Experience". You can run into the Dream Team at:

  • Best Class: Nominate your class as "The best on-campus" and win free treats for your entire class! Enter here
  • Hot Chocolate Giveaways: Randomly we will appear at your bus stop/as you're entering campus and offer you free hot chocolate as a welcome to campus for the day!
  • Samplings: We will sometimes appear in random dining locations offering you free samples of their food or beverages!
  • And many more...


Tablings at University Events

The Dream Team also participates with a booth for many different University-wide events! Find our booth and meet the Dream Team at events such as: 

  • Day-on-the-Quad: Find our booth and win fun prizes such as coupons to our locations, block meal plans, merch for various locations, etc.!
  • Farmers Market: We sell vegetable soup for only $1 at the weekly farmers market on the TSC patio during fall!
  • Orientation/A-Day: We always participate in the different incoming student days with great deals on meal plans and free stress relivers! 
  • And many more..


Raffles & Giveaways

The Dream Team is the team managing and running all communication from Dining Services, so if you've ever entered any of our raffles or giveaways - you have already connected with the Dream Team! 

  • Survey Raffle: Everytime you give us feedback through our QR codes placed in all locations you are entered in to our daily raffle! If you've ever won, you know we show up and give you a prize for giving us feedback. 
  • Free Friday: EVERY Friday during the school semesters we do a 'Free Friday' giveaway on our instagram, prizes ranges from block meal plans to USU swag. Follow us and look our for the next Free Friday! @utahstatedining
  • Holidays: We sometimes will do fun scavanger hunts where we will place random prizes around campus and give you clues through our stories on Instagram. 
  • And many more..


Meet the Team!



Content Specialist. She runs our social media so you can usually see her on our instagram/facebook stories and posts as well as events/tablings!

Likes: Outdoors, cows, and Mt. Dew Voltage
Dislikes: Jeep trucks, frosting, and black liquorice




Subject Matter Specialist. She monitors all things dietary, if you ever have any questions or want a dietary tour contact her through email.

Likes: Dr. Pepper, Star Wars, and yellow
Dislikes: Uncomfortable shoes, diet soda, and humidity 




Graphic Designer. Although you might not see a lot of her at events, she is usually the creative mind behind all the signage/brands we have!

Likes: Warm weather, shopping, and snowboarding
Dislikes: Public transportation, salads, and twitter



Marketing Manager. She is the one coordinating all the communication and making sure everything is in order for the rest of the team to do their job!

Likes: The Office, spicy food, and mountains 
Dislikes: Dr. Pepper, comic sans, and Tuesdays