Sustainability Efforts

Read more about efforts Dining Services takes to reduce waste!

Read about the efforts Dining Services does to reduce waste

Pledge to Reuse!

Spring Semester 2022 we partnered up with a sustainability class to support them in their mission of getting USU affiliates to use a reusable bottle on-campus!

  • Pledge to reuse

    I pledge that I will join other Aggies in limiting my usage of single use plastics and will encourage others to do the same. I will set an example as someone who makes a difference through using reusable bottles and containers when eating and drinking. Together we will make a positive impact on our community and environment with one easy action.

“Pledge to Reuse” at our events and receive a sticker to put on your water bottle, highlighting that you make a promise to be more sustainable by reusing a bottle instead of purchasing a new one every day. Not only are you being more sustainable by pledging, you also donate to Aggie Blue Bikes every time you purchase a refill from any Dining Services location. Pledging will start April 20th 2022 at 7:30 outside of Aggie Blue Bikes, more events to come.

Aggie Blue Bikes

Dining Services donates 5 cents every time a refill is purchased anywhere on-campus! When you dine with us bring a reusable cup and you can pay for a refill instead of a new drink, not only will it be cheaper but you also reduce waste and support Aggie Blue Bikes with 5 cents each time! This partnership started May 2015, as of Feb 2022 we have donated $11,504 to Aggie Blue Bikes!

Reusable Containers

When getting a meal to-go from our dining halls The Junction or The Marketplace, purchase a reusable to-go container ($10 one-time purchase) and bring that each time you want to get a meal to-go! Help reduce waste by getting a reusable container instead of getting plastic or paper ones each time you stop by.


We have grey buckets spread throughout the kitchen, to collect vegetable waste that is sent to the composter machine. 


Our empty boxes from deliveries, are broken down flat, any food item that comes in a can has the label removed then rinsed and sent to USU's recycling facility.

SNAC Partnership

Dining Services donates unsold bread, bagels, desserts, and other perishables to The Student Nutrition Access Center (SNAC) pantry. Their mission is to assist any Aggie who experiences difficulty accessing nutritious food and personal care products. Patrons may receive assistance once per week, as needed, no questions asked. More info here.

Stay and Eat Containers

Eat in our locations The Forum Cafe or Luke's Family Cafe on the Quad and use their reusable plates! We also utilize biodegradable/compostable paper plates for our catered events!