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Frequently asked questions about working for Dining Services

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

New to Dining Services? Take a look at these frequently asked questions to learn more about your new job! If you have any additional questions, send out Director a message directly thorugh this form

Facts & Questions Answers
Where do I clock in? You clock in through Aggie Time. Login with your A# and strong password. 
When/where can I use my employee meal? As a perk for working for Dining Services, you get a free meal from the location you work! This meal must be used while you are clocked out for lunch or before you leave, only applicable if you worked 2 or more hours that day. You will utilize the meal card placed by the cash register and can choose a meal up to $20.  
How do I give feedback on my experience at work? You can give feedback to us on how your day went through our eNPS survey. Any feedback given is 100% anonymous and will be provided to your manager. 
How do I grow at Dining Services/how can I get a raise? You manager should do employee reviews every 6 months, you are eligible for a raise each time you meet if you are meeting the requirements your manager set for you. If they have not called you in for employee review, ask them to do one!