Social Media




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Did you know the quickest way to get a hold of us is through our Instagram? We are dedicated to providing ways for you to reach out to us in ways you feel most comfortable! We also post frequently on our Facebook as well as posting to Pintrest. Read more about the efforts we do on our social media profile and why you should be following us below! 

Be in the know!

We highlight all the different monthly specials on our Instagram so you know what each location is doing for the month! We also do countdowns and highlight when our events such as tablings, samplings, giveaways etc. is happening. 

Free Friday

Every Friday during the school semesters we do weekly giveaways on our Instagram! We giveaway everything from USU swag to block meal plans, sometimes we even partner up with other departments and do giveaways with them. 

Message us!

As mentioned above, reaching out to us through Instagram is the quickest way to get in touch with us. We monitor it closely and are dedicated to providing you with accurate information at you fingertips. Comments, questions, or concerns - we got you!