Hello! As humans, we thrive on connection. In today's world with the flood of technology and COVID-19 safety regulations, the lack of face-to-face connection is negatively impacting relationships with others and the satisfaction of human connection. That’s why we want to bring back one of the simplest actions that builds human connection: saying hello. Because sometimes it’s the littlest things that go the longest way.

Why Say Hello

  • Brighten someones day
  • Uplift your mood and attitude
  • Positive impact on your mental health
  • Create connections
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Reconnect with those around you
  • Make new friends

How to Say Hello

  • Look up
  • Put your phone down
  • Be present
  • Be aware of others around you
  • Make eye contact
  • Wave
  • Remember people's names
  • Call or FaceTime rather than text

Where to Say Hello

  • On the Aggie Shuttle or city bus
  • Walking on a USU campus
  • In a long line
  • In class — even your online classes (slide into those Zoom DMs)
  • At the grocery store or local restaurant
  • Passing someone in the halls

Say Hello.
Pass it on.

Keep the Connections Going

Saying Hello is the first step to positively impacting yours and others mental health. Continue to have an impact by taking some of these next steps.

Crisis Support

SafeUT App

National Suicide Prevention Line

Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org

988 serves as a universal entry point so that no matter where you live in the United States, you can reach a trained crisis counselor who can help.

CAPS Crisis Appointments

Report a Student of Concern

If you're worried about a friend, you can get help from professionals who are trained to support someone who has suicidal thoughts or behaviors by reporting a student of concern.