Classroom Technology

Instructors at Utah State University have access to a wide variety of classroom technology to assist them in their teaching. The side navigation and the search list below show some of the tools that instructors have access to in the classroom and basic tutorials on how to use them. If you have any additional questions, request training by clicking on the button below, or review the Classroom Support site or contact them at 435.797.HELP

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Classroom Technology Resources

Laptop Connections in the Classroom

Instructions for how to use connect a laptop to display on a projector or TV in a classroom using an HDMI or VGA cable, or through AirMedia.

Microphones in the Classroom

Instructions for how to use microphones found in many classrooms for Kaltura recordings, broadcast classes, and in some cases, in-room sound reinforcement (amplification).


Tips and video instructions for providing a simple digital notebook design with the ability to integrate with Canvas courses.

Using Computers in the Classroom

Classroom computers at USU are connected to the classroom system. They come installed with a handful of applications and additional software can be installed if requested in advance.

Using Kaltura Classroom

Record a lecture (lecture capture) in supported classrooms using the computer application Kaltura Classroom. Lectures are uploaded to My Media and can be published to one or more courses for students to view later.

Using Surface Studios in the Classroom

A video overview and instructions for how to use the Surface Studio, an all-in-one computer with a large, interactive display and stylus that provides excellent annotation features.

Using Touch Panels in the Classroom

Most classrooms are equipped with a classroom touch panel, located on the instructor's desk. The classroom touch panel provides a user-friendly interface to control the classroom technology in a room.

Using an HP Touch Monitor in the Classroom

Instructions for how to use the HP Touch Monitors, an interactive display that allows one to interact with a classroom computer using their fingers. It also provides basic annotation capabilities.