Challenge Course

Improve communication, leadership and teamwork skills through challenging and experiential activities.

The Utah State University Challenge Course provides a fun, educational approach to achieving teambuilding objectives and applying experiences at the course to a wide variety of real-world situations in both your personal and professional lives. Programs are designed to create strong, cohesive teams and develop the skills necessary for success in any organization. Experience the unique learning atmosphere the USU Challenge Course can offer your organization!

Visit the Challenge Course for our Adventure Morning! Adventure Morning is a fall morning when the high ropes course will be open to all members of the community to enjoy. No reservation required, and no teambuilding involved. Close-toed shoes required. Weight limit of 275lbs.

Date: September 23
Time: 9am-12pm
Price: $10 per person

Be sure to arrive at least an hour before the event is over so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the high ropes course.

To learn more, please view our adventure night document or get directions with our comprehensive map. 

Sign your waiver ahead of time! The link works for adults signing for themselves and adults signing for minors.

Sign Waiver

For additional questions, please email us at

In order to secure your reservation at the Challenge Course, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit based on the quoted rate given at the time of booking. Programming will be cancelled or rescheduled if there is severe wind, thunder or lightning. Programming may continue in rain as long as weather conditions do not compromise effectiveness of equipment or impair balance, vision, or strength of either belayers/participants in any significant way. Facilitators will determine if/when wet weather becomes dangerous. 

Program Options

Programs include low (closer to the ground) and high elements (in the air) for you to choose from:

  • Low Elements: Activities that are completed on structures up to 18 inches high, or on the ground. The low elements require communication, trust, group effort, and cooperation.
  • High Elements: Focus more on individual accomplishments that
    require team support. All high elements require participants to wear harnesses and helmets.

2-Hour Program (Low Elements)

Most activities will be completed either in large open areas, or on the various low elements at the Challenge Course. Participants will not be provided the opportunity to try any of the high elements during a two hour program unless specified ahead of time during the reservation process.  If this is something you are interested in, please note that it is likely that participants will only be able to do one or two low element activities in addition to trying one high element at most.

3-Hour Program (Low & 1 High Elements)

Most activities will be completed either in large open areas, or on the various low elements at the Challenge Course, in addition to completing one high element per person.

4-Hour Program (Low & High Elements)

Activities will be completed either in large open areas, on the various low elements, as well as on the high elements.  Participants will be able to try multiple high elements during the duration of the program.

6-Hour Program (Low & High Elements)

Activities will be completed in large open areas, on the various low elements, as well as on the high elements.  Participants will be able to experience a wide variety of both low and high elements throughout the course of the day.  Many groups often take a lunch break during a six hour program.

Winter Team Building

Winter team building allows for groups to still enjoy the low elements of the Challenge Course during the winter season. Most activities will be completed in large indoor spaces, but groups can choose to have their teambuilding located outside (weather permitting) at the Challenge Course. Winter team building is offered from December to February. 
It is preferred that groups travel to Utah State and use our indoor and outdoor facilities on campus, but the Challenge Course can be taken to areas within Cache Valley.  


  • Tier 1: USUSA, USU Registered Student Organizations, & USU Student-Ran Departmental Clubs Only
  • Tier 2: USU Departments facilitating USU Mission Critical Programming (OCC Payment Eligible Bookings)
  • Tier 3: Community Groups or USU Departments facilitating Non-USU Mission Critical Programming (OCC Payment Ineligible Bookings)
Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Non-Profit* Tier 3 For-Profit**
2 Hours: Low Elements $10/person $10/person $15/person $25/person
3 Hours: Low & 1 High Elements $15/person $15/person $20/person $30/person
4 Hours: Low & High Elements $20/person $20/person $25/person $35/person
6 Hours: Low & High Elements $25/person $25/person $30/person $40/person
Off-Site Team Building Facilitation (2 hour minimum) $5/person/hour $5/person/hour $10/person/hour $15/person/hour
Portable Rock-Climbing Wall (2 hours minimum) $60/hour +
$40 set up fee
$80/hour + $40 set up fee $120/hour + $40 set up fee $150/hour + $40 set up fee

*Tier 3 Non-Profit refers to Tax-Exempt organizations. 
**Tier 3 For-Profit refers to Non-Tax-Exempt organizations. 
Following the pre-program final headcount confirmation & billing check-in, no refunds or credits will be offered for any decrease in program attendance. Please ensure headcount figures are as accurate as possible during final check-in.


Making a Reservation

You can start the reservation process by completing the USU Challenge Course Reservation Form. The form will ask you to choose one of the program offerings listed below, as well as provide other pertinent information about your group. You will then be contacted by the Coordinator of Outdoor Programs who will help you complete your reservation. Once the reservation has been placed, the Challenge Course staff will design a program specifically for the teambuilding goals you’re interested in working on. The team will take your activity preferences into consideration. Requests are due a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Requests within that window are subject to individual consideration.

Request Form

Program offered at an alternate location (on or off campus)
*Program Dates
*Challenge Course Group
*Participant Age Range
Please provide a brief description about your group.
*Goals and/or Objectives you’d like to focus on during your experience (choose 5 at most):
*Has this group been to the challenge course before?
Requested Service
This date will be the goal to finalize your reservation with a paid deposit.