Proctorio is used for remote testing in online courses. Benefits include:

  • Students access virtual proctoring remotely in Canvas (no need to go to testing center)
  • Audio/Video algorithms detect open book/notes/browser activity, other people in the room, and unusual behaviors (e.g. looking off screen repeatedly)
  • Instructors control the level of security
  • Suspicious behavior is automatically reported in Canvas

If you need any additional information take a look at Proctorio Support External Link Icon .

Enable Proctorio


Open your Canvas course in Google Chrome


Select Settings from the navigation, then choose Navigation

Course settings and navigation highlighted


Drag Secure Exam Proctor from the list of available options to the navigation list


Click Save at the bottom of the page

Import the Student and Instructor Guides and Practice Quiz

Import the guides and practice quiz to help with the set-up for Proctorio and ensure it is working properly before students begin the quiz or exam.


In your Canvas course Settings, click Import Course Content


For Content Type, choose Copy a Canvas Course


In the Search for a course field, begin typing "Proctorio Guides and Practice Quiz" and click on the title once it appears below the text box


In the Content selector, choose Select specific content


Click Import


Click Select Content then check the boxes next to Quizzes and Pages, then click on Select Content (wait for the import to finish)

Proctorio Chrome Extension

In order to use Proctorio in Chrome, you will need to add the Google Chrome Proctorio extension External Link Icon .


Click the Add to Chrome button

Proctorio add to chrome button


Click Add Extension

Proctorio add extension


Navigate to the extension by clicking on the Secure Exam Proctor icon

Turn on sync for Proctorio

Students and Proctorio

Your students must also install Proctorio if they would like to interact with your quiz. To do so, you can either direct them to the link above, or you can simply have them go into their Canvas course, find the Secure Exam Proctor tab, and find the link there.

You can also direct them to the "Getting Started with Proctorio Student Guide" in the Pages tab, which can also give them an opportunity to take the Practice Quiz so they can check their browser set-up before they try and take their proctored exam.

Access Code?

There may be times where you receive a message from a student stating that they cannot access their quiz because they need an access code. Do NOT provide them with an access code! Proctorio should automatically fill this field in if everything is working correctly. The best solution to this is to (1) make sure they are either using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. (2) Have them clear their cache and cookies. (3) If they have done that and it is still not working for them, have them uninstall, then re-install the Proctorio extension.

For additional directions and troubleshooting tips for Proctorio, direct your students to

Activating Proctorio in a Canvas Quiz


Open your quiz settings by clicking the Edit button


Check the box for Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor


Set a quiz Time Limit


In the tabs across the top, click Proctorio Settings and choose your desired exam settings

Viewing the Proctorio Grade Book

For each quiz that is remotely proctored, a Proctorio Gradebook can be found in the right-hand, “Related Items” pane under “View Proctorio Gradebook.” This contains the video, audio, and other monitored information for each test taker.

An extensive tutorial video on using the Proctorio Gradebook can be found on the Display Options tab under Gradebook Tour.

Proctorio Minimum Device Requirements

Proctorio offers a flexible service, which may include recording of video, audio, and screen activity or none of the above. The system requirements are dependent on the exam settings. Test takers are encouraged to use a practice exam to test their systems prior to taking an exam. Virtual machines and proxy connections will not work. Basic requirements include:

  • Chrome Browser
  • Chrome Proctorio Extension
  • Web Camera
  • Microphone
Note: In most cases, Proctorio's modest requirements can accommodate devices as old as 10 yrs. and it should be noted that the Operating System version requirements do not coincide with the devices' age. For security & functionality, it is generally recommended that test-takers update their systems to the most recent OS possible.
Windows Mac Linux Chrome OS  
Operating Systems Windows 7+ macOS 10.11+ Ubuntu 18.04+ Chrome 58+
Processor Intel Pentium or better Intel Intel Pentium or better Intel Pentium or Arm
Free Disk Space 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB
Free RAM 2 GB1 2 GB1 2 GB1 2 GB1
Upload Speed 0.092 - 0.244 Mbps2 0.092 - 0.244 Mbps2 0.092 - 0.244 Mbps2 0.092 - 0.244 Mbps2
Microphone Any Microphone, either internal or external3 for all systems
Webcam 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external3 or all systems

1. Free RAM is the minimum amount of memory that is not in use by other applications

2. Depending on the exam settings, secure browser has no upload speed requirement

3. Only required for proctoring, secure browser functionality does not require audio/visual recording

Proctorio Support

For help or troubleshooting steps, you can contact Proctorio Support External Link Icon directly for any assistance.