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Leave of Absence & Deferment

The Leave of Absence Department at Utah State University strives to make the transition of leaving and returning the University as smooth as possible by

  • Providing a one-stop website, www.usu.edu/loa for students to declare to the entire University their intentions about leaving and returning
  • Contacting Advisors of students to make them aware of a student’s intention to leave and return
  • Educate and assist students in setting up delegates to assist them while they are away on a Leave of Absence
  • Offering guidance for both students and parents as they prepare for a student’s leave and return

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What is the difference between a Leave of Absence and a Deferment?

Leave of Absence

For current students who have attended a minimum of three weeks or more and plan to take time off from school, drop courses if applicable, and return in a future semester. The maximum amount of leave allowed is three semesters. However, allowances will be made for those going on military activation, church or humanitarian service, and for those who can document extenuating circumstances. Leave of Absence requests are submitted via the www.usu.edu/loa website.


For students that have received confirmation of Utah State University (USU) admission but plan to postpone or defer their beginning semester to a future date. Students can defer their admission up to three times total, but some restrictions apply. Requests for deferment are submitted via the www.usu.edu/loa website.


  • Scholarships awarded from USU will be placed on hold and re-activated when students indicate they will return
  • No Re-application fee
  • Direct communication with USU during leave

Common reasons for a Leave & Deferment

  • Religious or humanitarian missions
  • Financial and employment related issues
  • Military service
  • Family Responsibilities
  • Medical problems