Test-Optional Admission


You Have Options

Utah State University has made the decision to temporarily suspend the ACT/SAT test score requirement for admission to USU’s Logan and Statewide Campuses. This would make the University 'test optional' for Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 semesters.

Test Optional

‘Test optional’ means it is not mandatory for students to submit their ACT/SAT test scores as part of their admission application. ACT/SAT test scores will still be considered if submitted.   

ACT/SAT test scores are recommended for academic merit scholarships which are guaranteed if students meet the published parameters. Students who are unable to take the ACT/SAT may request a personal comprehensive scholarship review for scholarship consideration. The review will consider benchmarks such as grade point average (GPA), high school course rigor, and other criteria. Learn more at usu.edu/admissions/scholarships. Scholarship deadline is January 10, 2022.

What to Expect

Student will be evaluated for admission solely based on their GPA. 

High School GPA Requirements:

  • 2.8-4.0 GPA - Admitted in Good Standing.
  • 2.5-2.79 GPA - Considered for Prep Academy (provisional admission).
    Factors such as academic rigor, high school trends, Math and English grades, time out of school, and personal statements will be used to determine admission into Prep Academy.
  • 2.49 GPA and below - Earned Admission option. 
    If you did not initially meet the criteria for admission to Utah State, you can earn your admission by completing three self-paced online classes. See more on the Earned Admission option.

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