Faculty Resources

Teaching Online

Teaching USU Online courses is different than teaching a class in person. Here are the things you need to know about teaching an online course.


Online courses are scheduled through the Academic Scheduling Office. Each course may contain up to 12 cross-listed sections, with one section for each region in the state, plus an out-of-state section. Online courses are available in all locations.

To Schedule an Online Course

  1. Discuss the course delivery options with the appropriate academic department head.
    • Online courses offered statewide should also be approved by USU online, be part of an online program, and appeal to students at Statewide Campuses and/or Out-of-State.
  2. The department head or department scheduler submits the course request to schedule@usu.edu.
  3. The course is added to Banner and a Canvas shell is created.
  4. The course textbook/material information must be submitted to the bookstore before the course will be opened for registration.

Instructors can see their Online courses, sections, enrollments, and other information through the Alliance System.

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to make sure that your online course is set up and ready to go.

  1. Access your online course through USU Canvas.
  2. Prepare your course content. Options include:
  3. Complete the Online Teaching Orientation.
  4. Review information about online proctoring and implementing academic integrity.
  5. Review the USU Online Course Quality standards. 

For additional help view Canvas Tutorials or contact the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction. Instructional designers are available for consultation.

Tips for Online Instructors

  1. Communicate regularly with your students.
  2. Respond to questions within 24 hours.
  3. Keep your content, links, and course dates up to date.
  4. Publish your course before the term begins.
  5. Organize your content into an easy-to-follow navigation.
  6. Provide short recorded presentations and other video content to highlight key points.

Student Support

The following new student support services are now available. Visit the links below to implement these tools into your online course:

  1. SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Survey — This tool can be used by students to assess their online learning abilities. Reports are available to students and faculty identifying potential areas where more support may be needed.  
  2. Tutor.com — Expert tutors available around the clock to meet students at their point of need. There are over 250 subjects available, plus essay review and soft-skill training. 
  3. Readiness Videos — These include getting started steps for new students, links to resources, and videos to introduce students to online learning. 

For students who need additional help beyond your course, refer them to the Student Academic Support resources.


Online courses are funded through the academic department's general fund. Instructors teach online courses as part of load or as temporary Extra-Service Compensation. Contact your department if there are questions about your payment for teaching an online course.

Requests for online course development funding will be reviewed each term.