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We set up a step by step module that will walk you through the basics of what you will learn for to begin to understand Canvas and all that it provides.

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Canvas is a learning management system. In other words, it is a platform for hosting course content, delivering online quizzes, accepting online assignment submissions, disseminating grades and feedback, and more. 

All USU students, faculty, and staff have access to Canvas and can login to Canvas at Instructors and TAs needing help with Canvas can call CIDI at (435) 797-9506. Students may get help by calling the IT Service Desk at 435-797-HELP (4357).

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Ally Accessibility

Accessibility is an essential to keep in mind as you put your material online and provides a better experience for everyone. Accessible content sends a powerful message that you care about inclusive teaching.

Assignment Submission Types

Canvas lets you decide the way you want students to submit their assignments. You specify the submission type in the Submission Type box when you create the assignment. Assignment settings are persistent to always remember and display the settings created or edited in the previous assignment in the course."

Blueprint Courses

If you are looking for a way to manage multiple course sections the cover the same or similar content but with different meeting days or times*, a Canvas Blueprint course may be the best option.