Many students at USU serve religious missions before or during their time at USU. You can easily defer your admission or notify USU that you are taking leave for your mission. If you are uncertain of your leave date, or if your plans change while you are away, we can adjust and are here to help you through it.


You no longer need to submit a copy of your official mission call in order to defer your admission.

Resources for Leaving and Returning

Parents of Missionaries

Helping a missionary on leave can be a new experience for a lot of parents. Here are some things to be aware of as your student is preparing to leave: 

What to Know & Do Before They Leave

To make for a smooth transition after taking a leave for missionary service, it's important that parents and delegates work with their missionary to get some key pieces in place before they leave:

  • Have your student assign you as an official delegate. Being a delegate is your student's way of giving you permission to view and ask about their information.
  • Get any important information from your student in order to access their account:
    • A-Number
    • Strong Password
    • Challenge Question Answers
    • Recovery email login information (your student can view their recovery email at myid.usu.edu)
    • Leave Semester
    • Return Semester

What to Know & Do Before They Return

Most missionaries will have access to the internet while on their missions. Updating information and registering for classes can often be done on a preparation day.

  • After one year, each student’s secure password expires. When recovering a password, it will be sent to the student’s “recovery email” (as found in myid.usu.edu).
  • If this is the first semester your student will attend USU, they must go through the New Student Orientation modules.
  • If they are returning in the summer or fall semester, check the course catalog for registration dates and times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wait for my mission call before I apply for a deferment?

You no longer need to submit a copy of your mission call to defer your admission, and do not need to wait to submit your deferment. You only need to know which semester you plan to begin at USU. If you need to accept scholarships offered by the USU Admissions office, make sure you submit your deferral before the scholarship acceptance deadline for the semester you were originally admitted and offered the scholarship. You accept your scholarship, and its terms, by submitting your deferral. This process excludes federal aid and the Utah State Promise, which must be accepted separately at usu.edu/accept

Will my scholarship(s) be held?

If you defer your admission by the scholarship acceptance deadline for the term you were admitted, you accept your scholarship, and its terms. Once your deferment is approved, the Admissions office will put any institutional scholarships that you were awarded on hold. This process excludes federal aid and the Utah State Promise, which must be accepted separately at usu.edu/accept. You must continue to be Pell eligible after your leave in order to receive that award upon your return.

There are other scholarships that are either from a specific department or are privately given. For example, Caine College of the Arts, Huntsman School of Business, Regents, and New Century scholarships. You must contact these departments or organizations separate from the deferment process. USU will not contact them for you and is unable to put them on hold.

If you are submitting a notification of leave, your USU Admissions Scholarships and USHE Opportunity Scholarships will automatically be put on hold. 

For additional questions, please contact the scholarship office at 435-797-7171scholarships@usu.edu or the admissions office at 435-797-1079admit@usu.edu.

What if I have to leave or come back at a different time then I planned for?

Sometimes a student will need to leave later than they planned, or come back from their mission early or later. If you applied for a deferral, you can update your application and upload any needed documentation via the admission portal. If you have already attended USU and are on leave, you can email notificationofleave@usu.edu to update the retention office of your plans.

Do I need to do Orientation before I leave?

*No. If you are a newly admitted student to USU, then you will want to complete New Student Orientation just prior to your first semester. 

*If you think there is a chance you may attend USU before you leave, you can complete orientation and register for classes; but be sure to drop your classes by the 'drop deadline' if you end up leaving or else you face the penalties of dropping late.

What if I won't be back in time to register for classes?

Registration for the summer happens in April, fall semester in April, and spring semester in November. If you are not able to get permission to register for classes while on your mission, you can either wait until you return or a delegate can register on your behalf.

A parent or family member must be assigned as a delegate in order to act on your behalf while you are away. To appoint a delegate, go to myid.usu.edu and log in with your A-number and password. Giving your delegate all your information before you leave will help them immensely.

Do I need to meet with an Advisor before I leave?

If you have never attended USU (deferring) then you will learn how to meet with your advisor through the orientation modules when you return. Many missionaries are able to meet with their advisor via Zoom or call their advisor from the mission field.

If you have been a full-time student at USU before (notification of leave) then yes, you will want to meet with your academic advisor before you go. They will be able to assist you in getting a list of classes to register for upon your return to USU.

What if my password is not working when I try to log in to my USU account?

Every student's password must be changed after one year. To reset your password, go to myid.usu.edu and click "I don't know my password" to have a temporary password sent to your recovery email. We recommend that you change your recovery email to something that your delegates will be able to access while you are on your mission.

If you still cannot log into your account, there may be a technical issue. You can contact the IT Help Desk at  435-797-HELP or email them at servicedesk@usu.edu.

Will I need to take a Math Placement exam?

Most missionaries will need to take a math placement exam when they return. Please work with your academic advisor to ensure that you understand whether or not you need to do so. If you have any questions regarding your math requirements, contact your academic advisor or the math advising team: math.advising@usu.edu or 435-797-8311.

What if I am a Graduate student?

Graduate students file a leave of absence via a different process, and follow different policies than undergraduate students. For more information go visit the Graduate School leave of absence form.

What if I am an International Student?

International students must contact the office of Global Engagement located in  Military Science 115, by phone at 435-797-1124 or by email at usuintl@usu.edu or global.engagement@usu.edu.