Grade Scheme

If you are using 0-based grading, Delphinium will translate the %-based Canvas grading scheme into a point-based grading scheme. If you have not enabled a grading scheme for your course, Delphinium will create one by default. However, you may wish to customize the grading scheme. You might want to add in some descriptors to encourage students as they are working their way toward a passing grade. You might consider something like this:

Canvas grade scheme that has been revised to include encouraging statements with grades

If you do edit the grading scheme for during the class, you will need to change it back to straight lettter grades at the end of the term to submit the grades to Banner.

Canvas provides the following tutorials for managing Canvas grading schemes:

Note: Due to a Canvas bug, Delphinium cannot read grading schemes created at the account level. You will need to create a grading scheme for each course, or use the default Delphinium grading scheme.

You will need to add a Total Points value in the Delphinium Settings for Delphinium to accurately translate the %-based grading scheme to a points-based grading scheme. See the follow for more details:

Pro Tip: Each level in a grading scheme consists of a description and a percent value. Traditionally, the description is something simple, like "A, A-, B+", but Canvas allows you to add any description you like. We recommend that, in addition to the traditional letter grades, you add a short fun and encouraging description. See the image above for an example. Several Delphinium components will display this description to students.