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Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver
Keep the tradition alive

Did one of your parents or grandparents earn a degree from USU? If so, you can now attend Utah State and the nonresident portion of tuition will be waived. Follow your parents' or grandparents' footsteps and become an Aggie. We want you here!

To Qualify for the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver, a future Aggie must:

  • Submit online application for the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver (below) before advertised deadlines.
  • Be admitted and meet academic requirements.
  • Have at least one parent or grandparent who earned an associate degree or higher from Utah State University (application required.)
  • Enroll at USU for the first time.

Fall 2017 Extended Deadline

The application deadline for Fall 2017 semester was January 10, 2017. As the deadline has passed, the following requirements and opportunities are available to students who submit an application between January 11, 2017 and August 1, 2017.The Legacy Waivers available at USU are limited, and due to budget restraints only a certain number can be awarded. For this reason, the Office of Admissions is limited to the awarding of the Legacy Waiver 3 only for applications submitted after January 10, 2017. Appeals and/or requests to be awarded a higher level will not be approved.

  • All applicants who apply (see link below) and have their application verified will be eligible for the Legacy Waiver 3 (a 50% waiver of the total nonresident tuition). This applies to incoming freshman and transfer students.
  • The Office of Admissions is unable to award Legacy Waiver 1 and Legacy Waiver 2 to students who apply after the January 10th deadline.
  • Students applying must have an index of 90+, or a transfer GPA of 2.20 or above.
  • As with other Legacy Waivers, time spent in Utah on the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver cannot be counted towards establishing resident student status for tuition purposes.


Spring 2017 Semester: November 1, 2016
Fall 2017 Semester: January 10, 2017
• Fall 2017 Semester deadline extended until August 1, 2017. See extended deadline information on this page.
Spring 2018 Semester: TBD

*Note: Awarding is on-going until the established deadline. We will not be accepting applications after the deadline(s) have passed.

Academic Requirements

The following information is for students who applied prior to January 10, 2017. Students applying between January 11, 2017 and August 1, 2017 should refer to the information above.

Starting Fall 2017 semester, new academic requirements are in place to receive the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver. Based upon academic history, an admitted student can qualify for one of three Legacy Waivers. All waivers are available until graduation.

  • Incoming Nonresident Freshman
  • Incoming Nonresident Transfer
    • Legacy Waiver 1: 70% of nonresident tuition. 3.6-4.0 GPA.
    • Legacy Waiver 2: 60% of nonresident tuition. 3.0-3.59 GPA.
    • Legacy Waiver 3: 50% of nonresident tuition. 2.2-2.99 GPA.

More Information

  • International students should contact Ben Wilkey ( for application information.
  • Time spent in Utah on the Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver cannot be counted towards establishing resident student status. If you would like to discuss other options, please email Shelby Frauen-Riddle at
  • The Alumni Legacy Nonresident Waiver was implemented July 1, 2009 and made possible by the signing of House Bill 364. The addition of grandparents to the waiver was implemented July 1, 2013 and made possible by the signing of Senate Bill 51.
  • Other requirements may apply. For further scholarship information, please contact the USU Admissions Office at 800.488.8108 or visit us in person at the Taggart Student Center, Room 102.