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A-Day: Scholars Experience

A-Day is your chance to experience Aggie life before your freshman year starts. Attend a lecture, meet with faculty and students in your major, and take a virtual tour of Logan through the eyes of our current students. Find out why our students love USU and why they're all proud to say "I'm an Aggie!"

During A-Day, we've set up a special experience for high-ability students called Scholars Experience. This experience is developed for students who have received a Presidential or a Deans scholarship. During the Scholars Experience, you'll have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Connect with current honors students, faculty, and staff
  • Interact with Undergraduate Research Fellows and their mentors
  • See what high ability students at Utah State University accomplish and achieve
  • Get a hands-on look at the Undergraduate Research program--the second oldest program in the nation!

We're excited to see you for A-Day and for you to experience life as an Aggie!"

To sign up and get ready for the free A+
Scholars Experience:


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