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Dear Alumni and Friends,

During the past several months we have been sharing and celebrating the wonderful success of our recently completed campaign, Honoring Tradition, Securing Our Future, with all our alumni and friends. I think all of those who worked to complete the campaign breathed a huge sigh of accomplishment, mixed with exhaustion, knowing it was over.

Many people have asked me, “Now what?” My simple answer is that we keep moving forward. During the coming years, members of the foundation board will be reaching out to our alumni and friends with whom we may have lost contact. We want to share with them the incredible progress Utah State has made over the past several years. We will be inviting people back to campus who have not been here for many years and I know they will be amazed at the transformation.

Yet, even with all we were able to accomplish with the help of thousands of loyal Aggies and friends, the work does not stop for Utah State. The President and the Deans have even greater dreams for this University, and I am thrilled that I can be a part of the bringing those dreams to reality. I hope you will want to join us on this exciting adventure to the future. Utah State University will need us all to reach the heights that we are destined to attain.


Steve Mothersell, Chair
Utah State University Foundation