Advising Center

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Mission Statement

University Advising provides programs and advising services for learning and development outcomes of undeclared students. Advisors focus on a combination of major and career exploration. This includes course selections for learning experiences to promote self-reflection, values clarification, independence, and social responsibility for the achievement of personal, educational, and career goals.


  • Advise undeclared, undeclared business, nursing and allied health students using research based theories regarding student development.
  • Educate students in program requirements for intended majors and University requirements.
  • Identify and promote student-centered programs and services that support the achievement of personal, educational, and career goals of students.
  • Appraise students in an accurate and timely manner of related USU policies and procedures.
  • Participate in Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) activities that facilitate a positive transition into University life.
  • Identify students experiencing academic difficulty, implement effective strategies, and provide ongoing support to resolve concerns.
  • Design, facilitate and direct professional development programs and activities to enhance campus wide advising efforts.