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Emeriti Sophomore Scholarship

The Utah State University Emeriti Sophomore Scholarship is awarded by the USU Emeriti Association, which is part of the USU Alumni Association. It is anticipated there will be two $7,000 scholarships awarded to Sophomore-rank USU students for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship candidate must be a USU student (students from regional campuses in Utah included) who:

  1. have achieved Sophomore status,
  2. will be enrolled at USU within the next two academic semesters in a stated academic major for continued study at USU,
  3. has demonstrated superior academic progress and performance at USU,
  4. has made typical expected progress in University Studies and typical expected progress in the student’s major field of study,
  5. can demonstrate financial need.

Application Materials

The applicant must submit the following required materials by the close of business on February 1, 2015:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. A carefully prepared statement of personal history, not to exceed one page, addressing the selection criteria, work history, and what percent of your current educational financial needs you provide, such as “self-support.”
  3. Academic records: transcripts of all high school credits and courses, transcripts of all post-high school credits and courses, documents showing current USU enrollment, ACT/SAT scores, a list of courses in which the applicant is currently enrolled, and USU documentation showing the student’s selected academic major.
  4. Description of USU Program that the applicant is pursuing: a copy of the program of study for the academic major; a table allocating earned and planned courses and the academic term when those courses are to be taken in the applicant’s course of study and designate which of those courses are for “university studies,” “academic major,” “other required courses,” and “electives” in which the student has leeway and discretion.
  5. Documentation of Financial Need: FASFA scores or other approved USU documentation.
  6. Two letters of reference from tenure track faculty with whom the student has been associated and who is not a relative. It is preferable that letters come from a faculty member who has actually taught the applicant. Letters should be on letterhead stationery and delivered in a sealed envelope.
  7. A personal statement of goals and objectives. This should be a thoughtful, well-written narrative addressing the academic goals of the applicant, why those goals are important, and what specific steps will be taken to realize those goals. The essay will be read carefully, critically analyzed, and evaluated for quality of thought and literary correctness.

To receive full consideration, all application materials must be submitted to Karen Roundy, David B. Haight Alumni House, by the close of business (5:00pm) on Friday, February 1, 2015. The scholarship selection committee reserves the right to ask the applicant for clarification of materials or the inclusion of further documentation as it deems necessary to make a decision.

How are the applications judged?

Applications are submitted to the USU Alumni Relations office. Submitted applications will then be directed to the USU Emeriti Board and reviewed to ensure applicant meets all requirements.

How many scholarships are awarded?

We anticipate two $7,000 scholarships will be offered for the 2015-2016 academic year ($3,500 for Fall 2015 semester, $3,500 for Spring 2016 semester).

How do I get an application

To apply, please review the instructions and submit the required materials. Both instructions and an application form can be found below.

Application form

When will I be notified?

The scholarship committee will attempt to complete its work and make its awards by April 1, 2015.

Questions regarding the scholarship, its materials or the process can be directed to Scott Olson, 435-797-9693, scott.olson@usu.edu