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DRC Syllabus Statement

USU Faculty members are encouraged to include a statement to inform students of the availability of reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities. This statement makes it clear that students must document their disabilities with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) before they are eligible for any adjustments. This relieves faculty of the responsibility of obtaining documentation, determining if the request is appropriate, and storing medical information in accordance with Federal regulations. This notification process offers protection for faculty members and the University in the event that a student claims that their right to accommodation has been denied.

The following statement is suggested:

Students with ADA-documented physical, sensory, emotional or medical impairments may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. Veterans may also be eligible for services. All accommodations are coordinated through the Disability Resource Center (DRC) in Room 101 of the University Inn, (435)797-2444. Please contact the DRC as early in the semester as possible. Alternate format materials (Braille, large print, digital, or audio) are available with advance notice.