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The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is committed to ensuring that all information and communication pertaining to a student's disability is maintained as confidential as required or permitted by law. This information is protected be the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). DRC records are maintained in locked filing cabinets and secure electronic files. No person other than DRC staff has immediate access to these files.

In compliance with federal regulations, the DRC may share a limited amount of disability-related information with University personnel who demonstrate a legitimate need to know. Student transcripts and other University records will not indicate DRC participation.

A student has the right to review his/her own DRC file with reasonable notification. If a student wishes to have information about his/her disability shared with others, the student must provide written request/authorization to the DRC. Before giving such authorization, the student should understand the purpose of the release and to whom the information is being released.