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Handy Persons

The Handy Person position was implemented for the purpose of performing minor repairs, doing preventative maintenance checks, and completing minimal time work requests. Handy Persons audit their assigned buildings every other week, perform two to six hours of handy person duties per week (these duties generally include craft, electrical, and mechanical maintenance and repair), and write service requests for work beyond the scope of their assignments. This position has helped to increase efficiency by alleviating much of the unproductive time that our craftspeople were spending traveling to job sites, locating the work, and performing small service needs throughout campus.
Facilities currently employs 11 Handy Persons -- one for each of the 11 building clusters on campus.
Handy Persons are trained by the shop foremen. Handy Persons perform duties from three major areas: Crafts, Electrical, and Mechanical. The specific duties related to each of these areas are listed below:


Craft projects performed by Handy Persons include the following:

  • Tightening bolts and screws on door closures, seating, and stalls in restrooms
  • Replacing ceiling tile
  • Replacing and repairing soap and paper towel dispensers
  • Hanging pictures, plaques, and clocks
  • Removing carpet thread runners and snags
  • Lubricating locks and hinges
  • Re-hanging windows blinds and room numbers/plaques
  • Making minor window adjustments (for example, re-securing outside window screens on ground level, installing weather stripping and caulk windows, and unsticking windows)
  • Verifying reported leaks
  • Gluing loose floor tile
  • Installing/replacing doorstops


Electrical projects performed by Handy Persons include:

  • Replacing device plates
  • Washing inside electrical fixtures
  • Repairing clocks
  • Resetting breakers


Tasks done by Handy Persons requiring mechanical skills are:

  • Tightening toilet seats
  • Adjusting thermostats
  • Checking for water leaks
  • Adjusting/securing flush valves
  • Cleaning/replacing sink aerators
  • Unplugging toilets and floor drains
  • Adjusting the temperature and water height of drinking fountains and personal cleaning maintenance on cooling coils