Dr. Tammy Rittenour                                                   OFFICE HOURS: Mon. 1:30-2:30

Room 115 in back of lab, Geology Bldg. (#18)                                                   Wed. 11:30-12:30    797-7097                                                        



Ben DeJong

Room 114, Geology Bldg.



4 credits           lectures: 12:30-1:20 M,W,F, Geology Bldg. Rm 105

                        labs: 3:30-6:30 W or Th; Geology Bldg. Rm 102, plus one weekend fieldtrip



Required:  Process Geomorphology, 4th edition  (Ritter, Kochel, and Miller, 2002)



This course provides an introduction to Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology with a focus on Earth-surface processes as well as becoming better acquainted with our local and regional landscape.  Lectures will utilize the text and additional handouts (so should you), and the lecture section will include three exercises that will involve short presentations, class discussions, written essays, and computer/numerical fun.  We will begin the course with an introduction to the science, then the topics will generally follow a small-scale to large-scale progression from hillslope systems to drainages and fluvial systems to entire landscapes.  Along the way we get to learn about weathering, soils, sediment transport, hydrology, glacial processes and landforms, paleoclimate, and neotectonics.



            Although the labs will be run separately, they are absolutely essential to learning geomorphology and more important than any given lecture.  The field trips and laboratory exercises will be very closely tied to the lecture section and are intended to illustrate not only the landscapes of our region, but how geomorphic research is done.  Besides field trips run during lab time, a weekend field trip is planned to the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.  If the weather stinks, we will suck it up and go on the trip anyway.



            1: No cheating.

            2: No make-up exams.  Slightly early exams ok.

            3: No cell phones on



Two exams (100pts each):                               = 200 pts. (33.3%)

Comprehensive final exam:                             = 100 pts. (16.7%)

Three exercises (50 pts each):                          = 150 pts. (25%)

Overall lab grade:                                            = 150 pts. (25%)

                                                                           600 pts.