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About the Program

 Since its foundation in 2011, the IOGP has helped more than 200 students find full-time internships in Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City.

Students wishing to participate in an internship must fill out the application packet and return it to MAIN 109 or to Brandee Spackman at Once you submit your application, we will begin to consider you for internships for the specified semester. By submitting the application, you may apply to several different internships including the State Legislature, Senatorial and Congressional offices, lobbying offices, nonprofits and many more. To see a list of internships offered through the IOGP office, please view our list of internships. This list will specify if the internship is offered through our office, or if you must apply separately. 

Students participating in internships may receive up to 12 credits for a semester of internship. They can receive one credit for every 50 hours of internship. Please visit the IOGP office in MAIN 109 if you would like to receive credit for your internship or if you have questions about credit through the IOGP office. 

Students participating in an internship in D.C. also have the option of staying in USU subsidized housing. USU housing in D.C. is located in Crystal City in Arlington, VA. It is a safe area of town and is only a short metro ride away from Capitol Hill. 

If you have more questions about the IOGP internship program, please visit MAIN 109 or contact Carolyn Brittain at or Brandee Halverson at