Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

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College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Dean's Office, Agriculture Kenneth L. White Dean UMC 4900
Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science Dirk K. Vanderwall Interim Dept Head UMC 4815
Applied Economics Dillon M. Feuz Dept Head UMC 3530
Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education, School of Bruce E. Miller Dept Head UMC 2300
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Sean E. Michael Dept Head UMC 4005
Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences Charles E. Carpenter Dept Head UMC 8700
Plants, Soils, and Climate Paul G. Johnson Interim Dept Head UMC 4820

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Dean's Office, Business Douglas D. Anderson Dean UMC 3500
Economics and Finance Tyler J. Bowles Dept Head UMC 3530
Management James H. Davis Dept Head UMC 3555
Management and Information Systems David H. Olsen Dept. Head UMC 3515
School of Accountancy Larry M. Walther Dept Head UMC 3540

Caine College of the Arts

Dean's Office, Caine College of the Arts Craig D. Jessop Dean UMC 4060
Art and Design Laura D. Gelfand Dept Head UMC 4000
Music James M. Bankhead Dept Head UMC 4015
Theatre Arts Kenneth W. Risch Dept Head UMC 4025

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Dean's Office, Education Beth E. Foley Dean UMC 2800
Communicative Disorder and Deaf Education Kim Corbin-Lewis Dept Head UMC 1000
Family, Consumer and Human Development Scot M. Allgood Dept Head UMC 2905
Health, Physical Education and Recreation Dennis G. Dolny Dept Head UMC 7000
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Mimi M. Recker Dept Head UMC 2830
Psychology Gretchen G. Peacock Dept Head UMC 2810
Special Education and Rehabilitation Ben Lignugaris/Kraft Dept Head UMC 2865
Teacher Education and Leadership, School of Mary F. Roe Dept Head UMC 2815

College of Engineering

Dean's Office, Engineering H. Scott Hinton Dean UMC 4100
Biological Engineering Ronald C. Sims Dept Head UMC 4105
Civil and Environmental Engineering Craig D. Adams Dept Head UMC 4110
Computer Science Daniel W. Watson Dept Head UMC 4205
Electrical and Computer Engineering Todd K. Moon Dept Head UMC 4120
Engineering Education V. Dean Adams Dept Head UMC 6000
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Robert E. Spall Dept Head UMC 4130

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, CHaSS John C. Allen Dean UMC 0700
English Jeannie B. Thomas Dept Head UMC 3200
History Tammy M. Proctor Dept Head UMC 0710
Journalism and Communication Thomas C. Terry Dept Head UMC 4605
Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies Bradford J. Hall Dept Head UMC 0720
Political Science Anthony A. Peacock Dept Head UMC 0725
Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Leon Anderson Dept Head UMC 0730

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Dean's Office, Natural Resources Chris Luecke Dean UMC 5200
Environment and Society Christopher L. Lant Dept Head UMC 5215
Watershed Sciences Peter R. Wilcock Dept Head UMC 5210
Wildland Resources Michael R. Kuhns Dept Head UMC 5230

College of Science

Dean's Office, Science Lisa Berreau Interim Dean UMC 0305
Biology Alan H. Savitzky Dept Head UMC 5305
Chemistry and Biochemistry Alvan C. Hengge Dept Head UMC 0300
Geology W. David Liddell Dept Head UMC 4505
Mathematics and Statistics D. Richard Cutler Dept Head UMC 3900
Physics Jan J. Sojka Dept Head UMC 4415

Provost Office

Noelle E. Cockett Executive Vice President and Provost UMC 1435
Laurens H. Smith Executive Senior Vice Provost UMC 1435
Janis L. Boettinger Vice Provost UMC 1435
Andi McCabe Assistant Provost UMC 1435
Kim Doyle Assistant to the Provost UMC 1435

School of Graduate Studies

Mark R. McLellan Vice President and Dean UMC 1450
Scott C. Bates Associate Dean UMC 0900
Jeff R. Broadbent Associate Dean UMC 0900
Richard S. Inouye Associate Dean UMC 0900
Steven V. Beck Assistant Dean UMC 0900

Regional Campuses and Distance Education

Robert Wagner Vice Provost for Regional Campuses and Distance Education UMC 1435
Boyd F. Edwards Dean, Uintah Basin Regional Campus UMC 5055
Donna Dillingham-Evans Dean, Tooele Regional Campus UMC 5055
Steven R. Hawks Dean, Moab Center and Southwest Region UMC 5055
Thomas R. Lee Dean, Brigham City Regional Campus UMC 5055

International Education

Janis L. Boettinger Vice Provost International Education UMC 9545