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Ethical Use of University Resources

All University employees are entrusted with protecting the property, equipment and other assets of the University. Per USU policy # 344, Use and Security of University Property, "All University property should be safeguarded against possible loss or misuse. University employees must take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of people, facilities, property and vehicles." Responsibilities of this trust include actions ranging from locking doors and cabinets to reporting observed patterns of unusual behavior.

All property, supplies and services purchased with University funds should be used only in the operation of the business of the University. Misuse of assets takes on many forms and can involve some deception or misrepresentation of facts and information for personal gain as well as deliberate appropriation of property or funds for personal use.

A major factor in safeguarding assets and ensuring the ethical use of University resources is a departmental organization that establishes clear lines of authority and responsibility and segregates, where practical, the operating and reporting functions of the department. Deans, department heads and administrative personnel are responsible to administer this policy for employees within their departments and coordinate the use and security of University property.