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Promotion & Tenure (P&T)

As defined in the USU Policy Manual, "Tenure is that provision of employment attained after completion of a probationary period during which the probationer's performance is found to be such as to make him or her an asset to the institution because of his or her abilities as a scholar, a teacher, a researcher, a librarian, or an Extension worker. It is the policy of the University to reward such outstanding performance of tenure-eligible faculty members by tenure and/or promotion."

Decisions to promote faculty members and to award tenure are among the most important made by the University for they determine the quality of the faculty for decades to come. University policy for promotion and tenure (P&T) must be followed to ensure protection of faculty rights and protection of the University. Following are the subheadings of P&T policy (No. 405):

  • 405.1 Tenure: Intro., Rights Conferred, Eligibility Probationary Period
  • 405.2 Tenure & Promotion: Criteria for Core Faculty Ranks
  • 405.3 Tenure & Promotion: Criteria for Librarians
  • 405.4 Tenure & Promotion: Criteria for Faculty with Extension Ranks
  • 405.5 Tenure & Promotion: Criteria for Professional Career and Technical Education Faculty Ranks
  • 405.6 Tenure, Promotion & Review: General Procedures
  • 405.7 Procedures Specific to the Tenure Process
  • 405.8 Procedures Specific to the Promotion Process
  • 405.9 Term Appointments: Eligibility
  • 405.10 Term Appointments and Promotion: Criteria
  • 405.11 Term Appointment: General Procedures for Promotion
  • 405.12 Review of Faculty

Executive Senior Vice Provost Laurens Smith, Jr. actively assists the Provost in the promotion and tenure process at USU and works closely with individual colleges, departments, and faculty on issues related to promotion and tenure, such as eligibility, prior service, leaves of absence, development of role statements, etc.

Promotion and Tenure Dates

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A copy of USU's Promotion and Tenure Procedures document is now available (pdf format) on the web.

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2016-2017 Central Promotion and Tenure Committee

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For more information on the P&T process or for specific questions concerning P&T, please contact:

Larry Smith
Interim Provost
Utah State University
1435 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-1435
Phone: (435) 797-0718

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