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Violations of Academic Integrity

In the same way faculty have responsibilities to students outlined in Section 403 of the Utah State University Policy Manual, so to, students are obligated to conduct themselves appropriately and honestly at all times with regard to academics. Student responsibilities are articulated in the Utah State University Standards of Academic Integrity, specifically, Section VI of the USU Student Code.

Whenever a faculty member learns of, or suspects, a violation of academic integrity by a student, the faculty member has an obligation to report it. The process for reporting violations of academic integrity can be found in detail in Section VI-4 of the Student Code, but the fundamental steps are:

  1. The faculty member submits an online "Academic Integrity Violation Form (AIVF)" to necessary parties and the Vice President of Student Services within seven days of knowledge or suspicion of a violation.
  2. The student will request a meeting with the faculty member to discuss the alleged offense. Should the student neither respond to the AIVF nor meet with the faculty member, then sanctions will take effect.
  3. The student and faculty member meet to discuss the alleged offense and options for sanctions. If a grade must be posted prior to resolution of the violation charge, then the faculty member will submit an I/F grade. The student and faculty member may reach resolution which must then be articulated in an "Academic Integrity Violation Resolution Report Form (AIVFR)" automatically sent to the Vice President of Student Services and others.
  4. The student may appeal the faculty member's allegation and request a meeting with the Dean of the college of the course in which the offense occurred. If a resolution is reached at this step, that must be reported to the Vice President of Student Services using the AIVRF.
  5. If no resolution is reached at the level of the college Dean, then the student may request a hearing of the Honor Board.