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There will be an opening reception on 10/26 at 5 p.m.


Utah State women's soccer vs. UNLV

Utah State University hosts the University of Nevada-Las…


Medieval Club Tournament

Medieval Club will host a tournament. Personal event. If…


NEHMA Museum + Music Imagining Community: Logan 1948-49

This year, Museum + Music explores different conceptions…


Doctoral Dissertation Defense - Lei Sun

Lei Sun, doctoral student of Jixun Zhan, will present…

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How To Bid

NOTE -- All items are now Sold according to the two week availability policy. There are no longer any "Sealed Bids"

TWO WEEK POLICY - Upon receiving items they will be priced and dated for two weeks later; this is the availability date. The public may purchase items with Cash or Check when this availability date has been met. Items will become available precisely at 8:00 am of the date on the tag. The doors will open at approximately 7:50 am to allow bidders to inform surplus employees of their interest in an item. At this time, if more than one person wants to purchase the item, a live bid will be conducted to determine the purchaser with the highest bidder taking the item. We will allow 15 minutes for the winning bidder to obtain funds or the item will then revert to the next highest bid and bidder.


The seller neither assumes nor implies any warranty. Buyers are urged to inspect the items closely before purchasing and consider any items in "used" and in "as is" condition. There will be no returns or refunds.

USU Surplus Sales reserves the right to reject any offer or remove items from the sale at any time until title has transferred upon payment and removal from USU property.