Upward Bound (UB) Programs are Title IV TRIO grant funded programs through the U.S. Department of Education. Upward Bound Programs are designed to generate in program participants the skills and motivation necessary to complete a secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education.

To be considered for admittance you'll need to fill out an application and submit it along with two additional documents. All required information is located in the Application & Forms section of the site. No application will be considered for enrollment into the program unless all documents requested are submitted together.

The Upward Bound Project (UB) is one of the steps the Tribe and its partners are taking to cultivate an environment that values education and to prepare Ute youth for employment. The creation of an employed, educated workforce will help improve economic conditions on the Reservation, raise the value of education among the Tribe members, and have lasting benefits that will ripple through future generations.

Two goals summarize the mission of the Ute UB project:
Goal 1: Improve the educational attainment of Utes by providing comprehensive academic/career guidance and services to Ute youth.
Goal 2: Increase Ute participation in higher education by raising awareness of post-secondary education options and available assistance.

The Ute UB Project takes a holistic approach to addressing the needs of each UB participant, including offering services and activities to Ute students and their families encompassing their education, future employment, and well being.

Project offerings fall into three main categories:

  1. Academic Advisement (i.e. education planning and monitoring, course selection, academic assistance, and counseling and skill building enrichment and extracurricular activities);
  2. Post-secondary Education Preparation (i.e. higher education advisement, exam preparation, technical assistance, college readiness activities, and college fairs);
  3. Career Guidance (i.e. personal career counseling, career planning workshops, career assessments, work experiences, and career fairs).

Upward Bound Staff

Director: Janee Livingston
Phone: 435-722-1739
Email: janee.livingston@usu.edu

Counselor: Lauren Yates
Phone: 435-722-1731
Email: lauren.yates@usu.edu

Upward Bound Alumni

If you have recently graduated, and were a participant in Upward Bound, please provide us with your contact information so that we can continue to be of assistance to you.
Please fill out the Alumni Information Form

Staying Connected

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Ute Tribe Upward Bound

Ute Tribe Upward Bound