Returning From Deferral

Checklist Items

Checkbox  Password: Recover your “Strong Password” at If you have technical issues, contact the IT Service Desk at 435-797-4357 or

Checkbox  Preferred Email: Set your preferred email to something you will check regularly. As soon as you register for classes, you will be assigned a new email account. This will become your preferred email and should be checked regularly:

Checkbox   Security Phrase: If you haven’t already, create a phrase that you can use to identify yourself if you call to conduct business over the phone.

Checkbox   Delegate: If needed, set up a delegate and give him or her a copy of your information. Your delegate should be able to access your preferred email if you will not be checking it regularly.

Checkbox   Mailing Address: Keep your address up to date.

Checkbox   Orientation: Go to the USU orientation website to begin New Student Orientation. These online modules will tell you how to register for classes, how to contact an advisor, and much more.

Checkbox   Math Placement: If needed, take the ALEKS math placement exam to test into a math course.

Checkbox   Language Placement: Take a language placement exam if you speak another language and want to receive credit for your language skills.

Checkbox   Scholarships: If you have a remaining scholarship from the USU Office of Admissions, it will automatically activate on your return semester. If you received any other scholarships, contact the USU regional campus, department, or other awarding entity to activate them for your return.

Checkbox   Financial Aid: Complete your FAFSA as soon as possible (as early as October 1 before the academic year you plan to attend). The FAFSA must be resubmitted each year that you want aid.

Checkbox   Housing: If needed, secure housing on or off campus.

Checkbox   Reminders: Set reminders on your calendar so you are aware of the dates for filing a FAFSA, beginning orientation, and registering for classes upon your return.

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