Old Main Society 2010 Program

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2010 Spirit of Old Main Award Recipients

Spirit of Old Main Award

Fred R. and Sharon W. Hunsaker.

Spirit of Old Main New Generation Award

Paul D. and Rebecca J. Parkinson.

Spirit of Old Main Emeriti Award

Gene W. and Ruth E. Miller.

New Inductees

Loren and Mary Anderson
Loren R. and Mary T. Anderson

Michael and Ronda Callister
Michael S. and Ronda R. Callister

James and Molly Davenport
James F. and Molly C. Davenport

USU Seal
Robert L. and Laura S. Foley

USU Seal
Lawrence K. and Jennifer J. Gates, Jr.

USU Seal
Quinn L. and Marian H. Hutchinson

Glenn and Karen Larkin
Glenn Noble and Karen S. Larkin

Sheila Miller
Sheila Miller

USU Seal
Perry and Shellie Pardoe

Terry Sharik
Terry L. Sharik and Karen McFarland

USU Seal
Carol S. Smith

Randall and Julianne Stockham
Randall J. and Julie Y. Stockham

USU Seal
David J. and Tracy A. Watterson

USU Seal
Val G. and Janice Andreasen

Sandra Campbell
Sandra K. Campbell

Richard and Linda Eyre
Richard M. and Linda J. Eyre

Mel and Linda Fonnesbeck
Mel and Linda B. Fonnesbeck

Rick and Anamarie Gold
Rick L. and Anamarie S. Gold

Ronald and Janet Jibson
Ronald W. and Janet P. Jibson

USU Seal
Jeff N. and Julie Leishman

Brad Oldroyd
Bradly A. and Christy J. Oldroyd

USU Seal
Dennis A. and Julie A. Parker

Duane and Marci Shaw
Duane and Marci M. Shaw

Lonnie and CherylSmith
Lonnie M. and Cheryl D. Smith

Lola Van Wagenen
Lola Van Wagenen

Stephen and Martha West
Stephen A. and Martha S. West

Bruce Bugbee
Bruce G. Bugbee

David and Kathy Coppin
David and Kathy Coppin

USU Seal
Robert L. and Laura S. Foley

Leland and Linda Foster
Leland G. and Linda B. Foster

David and Christine Hailey
David E. and Christine E. Hailey, Jr.

Brad Johnson
Brad K. and Rosemarie M. Johnson

USU Seal
Jeff N. and Julie Leishman

Cindy and Dale Orvedahl
Cindy Orvedahl

Russell and Gail Seamons
Russell G. and Gail A. Seamons

USU Seal
D. Todd and Mary Sibley

James Sorenson Jr.
James K. Sorenson, Jr.

USU Seal
Herbert and Dorothy Vogel

Jeanne Young
Jeanne M. Young


New Corporate Members

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