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2021 Utah Public Radio Corey Flintoff Student Intern Fund

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2021 Utah Public Radio Corey Flintoff Student Intern Fund

Applying for internships is always a fraught activity for college students. A good internship can be an opportunity to try out one’s hopes and dreams in a real-world setting. It can be a chance to grow from mere work participation into career-building experience. It set a young person on the path to a life of worthwhile and fulfilling effort. But first, there are hurdles to overcome: will you be able to compete for and win a coveted internship? If you win it, will it be a real opportunity to grow, with hands-on experience, challenges and responsibilities, or just a dreary round of scut-work, photocopying, filing and fetching coffee?

“One reason I’m so thrilled to have my name attached to Utah Public Radio’s journalism internships is that I know that these are real, paid professional jobs that demand a lot from the students who take them on, but jobs that also come with a lot of mentoring and oversight.”

-Corey Flintoff
Imagine then, that you are one of the students who was able to jump all the hurdles, be selected for an internship and start work in this past year. Imagine beginning your work as a reporter during a year of national calamity: a year of pandemic disease, of economic stress, of political division. Imagine being required to work more independently, with fewer of the joys of direct, face-to-face contact with your editors and mentors. Imagine working without some of the fun, fellowship and camaraderie of a supportive newsroom.

I particularly admire this year’s crop of UPR interns. They handled their assignments with aplomb, met the challenges, and did good work. I’m proud of their resilience, resourcefulness and grit. And wherever their career paths lead, I wish them the best of success.
This program is unusual in that the participants are expected to produce professional, broadcast-quality work and are paid, modestly, for their efforts. It’s an ambitious and very effective system that’s expensive to sustain. That’s why I’m asking for your financial help and support to keep my namesake internship program strong during these turbulent times, and successful into the future.

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UPR Student Internships has started!

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Ann Harris D. $50
Steven M. $50
Vernie H. $100
Nora R. $100



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Reusable Shopping Bag and thank you card from Interns


Reusable Shopping Bag and thank you card from Interns

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Reusable Shopping Bag and thank you card from Interns

Additional Details:

  • Gifts received will be used to establish the Corey Flintoff Student Intern Fund and will be used to provide paid Utah Public Radio internship opportunities to talented students who are inquisitive and passionate about seeing out and sharing the truth .
  • If circumstances arise that render the stated purpose of the fund (as set forth herein) illegal, impractical, impossible, or wasteful (e.g., a change in law, the elimination of a USU program, position, or course of study, etc.); then, as set forth in this Solicitation, under such circumstances and in keeping with Utah Code 51-8-501(1), USU may designate a new purpose for the Fund. Any such new purpose shall be defined by USU’s President and the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Science with consultation of Utah Public Radio management.
  • By letter dated April 8, 1959, the Internal Revenue Service has declared USU (federal tax identification number 87-6000528), to be a duly qualified charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) and also an organization described in sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(iv) of the Internal Revenue Code.