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SUMMER PARKING and ACCESS May 7 – August 16

FOR ON CAMPUS departments and groups:

The Aggie Terrace (underground parking) is $1.50 / hour per car
Or $7.50 for the day
The Aggie Terrace is free to park in after 5:30pm on Fridays, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

You have the option of purchasing parking vouchers for your guests – with a 2 week notice and advance payment to us. This is the best parking spot for your guests. It is covered. They can enter through the bottom entrance on 700 East and take the B Elevator to the 5th floor, exiting near the Alumni House.

There are 7 spots in front of the Alumni House (semi-circle) – this requires permit on your dash which you can get for free from the House Manager for your event.

The gated Purple parking lot south of Old Main (where faculty and staff park) is FREE after 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, and free all day on Saturday


(ie. weddings, company parties, family socials, company meetings)

Parking for your group will be provided in the Aggie Terrace and in the 7 spots in front of the Alumni House; we recommend that you save those spots for the Bride/Groom, parents, handicapped guests, etc..

Please give us an estimate of how many guests you expect to attend and we will give you parking passes to distribute to them.