Brand Standards: MyUSU

Content Standards


Within MyUSU, group and page admins have design opportunities to personalize and brand their space. Please follow the MyUSU design and brand standards:



Option 1: MyUSU Banner Library
Browse a variety of cropped MyUSU banners in the MyUSU banner library.

Option 2: Create Your Own Image
Select any appropriate image that represents the University and group and crop to the dimensions of 704 x192 px. Browse USU PhotoShelter Public Gallery for USU photos.


Each group is given a general USU-approved avatar when created. If the group admin would like to change the avatar to personalize the group, please follow these standards:

Option 1: MyUSU Avatar Library
Browse a variety of USU approved avatars in the MyUSU Avatar Library.

Option 2: Create Your Own

  • Size: 96 x 96 px
  • Background: Aggie Blue (#00263A)
  • Icon: White icon selected and purchased from The Noun Project.
  • Approval: Send avatar to Student Affairs Marketing Manager for approval before updating.

Please note: These icons and images are purely for use as avatars on MyUSU to help users quickly distinguish university groups. They are not to be used outside of this, such as logos or on promotional materials, per university policy. (Refer to for more on branding and logo guidelines.)


If you choose to upload images or graphics, please follow these size dimensions:

  • 1024 x 400 px
  • 1024 x 768 px

Other Design Elements
For design resources and templates, the university utilizes Canva. Contact for access.

Pages don’t need university, college, or departmental logos on since the page is already branded USU within MyUSU.

General Design and Brand Guidelines

  • Be familiar with and reference USU’s branding at
  • For guidelines on logo and branding standards, refer to Using these standards will help the university become One Team, One Voice, One Utah State. Each section guides you through the details of creating consistent, effective marketing and communications materials that amplify the Aggie brand, such as:
    • Brand standards (logos, approved photos, videos, social media best practices, etc.)
    • Examples of digital branding projects to for reference and inspiration
    • Brand Toolkit (visual management, templates, university campaigns)

Copy and Content Guidelines

As a communicator on behalf of USU, we recommend reviewing the Writing Style Guide for guidance on developing USU communications. This tool can also be used to reference frequently asked questions (such as advisor/adviser).

  • Keep in mind who your audience and who the intended reader is.
  • Avoid using jargon, acronyms, and profanities.
  • Although most USU communications follow the most recent Associated Press Stylebook, some standards are tailored to USU's communication needs and preferences, and a few instances depart from AP style.
  • For capitalization and/or usage questions not addressed in the AP guide, refer to Webster's New World College Dictionary or Webster's New World Online.