FAQ’s for Meal Plans

for any additional questions please contact the Dining Services Office at (435) 797-1701

1. What is the difference between Block Meal Plans and Traditional Meal Plans?

Traditional Meal Plans provide a certain number of meals per week. They can be purchased in 7, 10, 15, or 20 meals per week. These meals do not rollover week to week. This type of meal plan is the mandatory meal plan for residents of the Living Learning Community, Mountain View Tower, Valley View Tower, Richards Hall, and Bullen Hall. Anyone can purchase a Traditional Meal Plan thru the Housing office. (435-797-3113)

Block Meal Plans provide a block of meals. They can be purchased in blocks of 25, 50, or 75 meals. These meals can be used any time and roll over semester to semester.

2. Which meal plan is the better value?

Each plan provides various benefits depending on the student's individual needs, preferences, and place of residences. Traditional Meal Plans are typically better for residents without kitchens as they provide meals more regularly. The cost per meal on the 15 and 20 per week plans are definitely the greatest value.

3. What are the costs of the Block and Traditional Meal Plans?

Refer to the Dining Services' Website at www.usu.edu/dining for current pricing.

4. How do I change my Traditional Meal Plan?

Before the beginning of each semester you may change your meal plan by emailing the Housing office at info@housing.usu.edu. Include your A# and what changes you would like to make to your meal plan. Once the semester starts, meal plans may be decreased once per semester by contacting the Housing office (435-797-3113). Meal plans can be increased anytime by the same method. Exceptions must be approved by Alan Andersen, the Executive Director of Dining Services.

5. What is Cash Equivalency?

Cash Equivalency is $6.50 towards any meal that can be used in our retail locations. Purchases over the $6.50 amount are to be paid by you at the time of purchase. If the purchase is under the $6.50 amount it will still take one full meal off the meal plan. For Traditional Meal Plans, cash equivalency is only included with the 10, 15, and 20 per week meal plans and may only be used once per day.

Cash Equivalency works for Block Meal Plans the same way, but may be used an unlimited amount of time per day.

6. What locations accept Cash Equivalency?

All retail operations accept Cash Equivalency and include: The Hub Food Court, Artist's Block Cafe & Bakery, The Quadside Cafe, The Quickstop Convenience Store, Luke's Cake on the Quad, and Emma's Nook Convenience Store. Cash Equivalency now works at Aggie Ice Cream as well.

7. Where can I use my meal card?

Your meal card can be used at any Dining Services location on Utah State University Campus.

8. How does the "to-go" program in The Marketplace and The Junction work?

As part of Dining Services' sustainability efforts, students now have the option to use their meal cards to purchase a meal to-go with a reusable container, rather than dining in. There is a one-time $5.00 purchase for the reusable container, and a $7.45 charge for every meal to fill it or a meal swipe from a meal plan. After it is used, it can be returned and replace with a clean one or a token for a clean one at either location. Cash Equivalency is also applicable with the to-go program. For more information please contact Dining Services. (435-797-1701)

9. Who can purchase a Block Meal Plan and how long does it last?

A Block Meal Plan can be purchased by anyone including faculty, staff, departments, and students. Meals remain on the card until used and rollover semester to semester, year to year.

10. For a Traditional Meal Plan, do my meals roll over from week to week, or do they reset?

The meals on the Traditional Meal Plans do not roll over week to week. They are available for the week and reset every Saturday morning.

11. What is the minimum meal plan I have to have?

Refer to the Housing requirements for Traditional Meal Plans. The minimum requirements are based on place of residence.

12. I have a Traditional Meal Plan that Housing requires, can I change to a Block Meal Plan?

Unless there are unusual circumstance, Block Meal Plans do not meet the minimum meal plan requirement in the housing areas. For exceptions and the process to request an exception, contact Dining Services. (435-797-1701)

13. I can't afford the meal plan that Housing requires, can I remove it?

Financial concerns are typically not a reason for an exception from the mandatory meal plan requirement in Housing or for a refund on a Block Meal Plan.

14. Can my meal plan, either Block or Traditional, be used in The Skyroom Restaurant?

Block Meal Plans may be used in The Skryoom for one swipe = one meal. Traditional Meal Plans that have Cash Equivalency may be used in The Skyroom for up to $6.50 per meal per day. These meal swipes do not include the gratuity or any drinks other than the complimentary water.

15. Can I share my meal plan?

Traditional Meal Plans may not be shared with anyone at any time, with the exception of 2 guest passes per semester. In order to use the guest meal plan, that meal plan holder must be present.

Block Meal Plans may be used to purchase meals for other people at any time. The only stipulation is that the meal plan holder must be present.

16. I am here for the summer, where can I eat with my meal plan?

During the summer, there are limited operations open. Refer to Dining Services summer hours for more information. Traditional Meal Plans are not available during the summer, only during fall and spring semesters.