Gluten Free Options

View gluten free options in our dining locations!

We know being celiac or gluten sensitive can be hard while eating on a college campus, if you want more assistance on where and what you can eat, reach out to our marketing department (435)797-0458 and we will get you set up with our dietary specialist who can guide you on how to eat right for you!

Gluten-free options on-campus

The Marketplace

A-Grill: Gluten free bread, buns for both hotdogs and burgers found behind Mamma Blue's counter.

Block and Barrel: Salad bar and fresh cut fruits.

Cafe Solana: Corn tortillas for soft tacos.

Mamma Blues: Look at the weekly menu for (GF) options! 

Blue Dragon: Almost everything here is gluten free other than our sides, there is also a separate grill that the food is prepared on to avoid cross contamination (Must be specified that the meal is to be gluten free).

Pasta Tuscana: Customers may ask for a personal gluten free pizza to be made, those are made to order. We also have gluten free pasta upon request!

Sweet Street: Ice cream and smoothies.

The Junction Ask for gluten free bread or gluten free flat bread at the deli bar as well as gluten free desserts by asking an employee. Also look at the weekly menus and look for (GF) meals!
The Forum Cafe Any of other sandwiches (breakfast and lunch) can be made on gluten free bread for an extra $0.99.
Subway (HUB) Make any sandwich a salad or protein bowl! 
Scotsman's Corner (HUB) Ask for a skillet with no potatoes!
The Sushi Bar Veggie roll (without sauce) and Poke Bowl (without sauce).
STEEPED Coconut & Oat Milk.
The Quickstop Look for Clutch items like yogurt, veggie cups, fruit cups, and salads in their fridge.
Shaw's 88 Look for Clutch items like yogurt, veggie cups, fruit cups, and salads in their fridge. Some protein boxes are also gluten free like the anti-pasta box!
Noni's Potato Leek, Butternut Squash, and Tomato Basil soups - ask for no bread as that comes included!