Aggie Express

Available to Everyone! Great for Grab n Go Dining & Small Purchases

Already have a Housing Meal Plan or Block Meal Plan? Use Aggie Express to pay for overages or grab an extra meal if you ever need one. 
Faculty and Staff: You can request an automatical deuction from your paycheck directly to your Aggie Express account! Contact the Card Office for instructions.

Load your Aggie ID Card with money, and use it as a pre-paid debit card around campus. 
Use it at any Dining location, and receive 10% off every purchase.  

Save Money

10% off every purchase at any Dining Location. 

Grab 'N Go

Use Aggie Express at any Dining Location for a quick bite to eat.


Use 1 card for all your on-campus needs.

Never Expires

Keep money on your ID Card for as long as you need it. 

Aggie Express Refill Kiosk Located on 1st Floor of Taggart Student Center

Where To Utilize Your Aggie Express

Use Aggie Express at the following locations across campus:

  • The Campus Store
  • Printing & Copying (PDP)
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • The Statesman
  • Computer Labs
  • Health Center
  • Engineering Stores
  • Photo Store inside the FAV
  • Use in any Dining location and receive 10% Off
  • USU Concessions 10% Off
  • University Catering 10% Off
  • Aggie Ice Cream (no discount)

Use it at the Copying and Printing Center

Use it at the Computer Labs

Use it at the Campus Store

More questions about Aggie Express? Contact the USU Card Office here.