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Install and Use the Quiz Extension Tool in Your Course

The Quiz Extension tool allows you to give extra time to a single student or multiple students for all of your existing quizzes. If you add additional quizzes after using the tool you will need to return to the Quiz Extension tool to apply the previous settings to the new quizzes. If you do not see the option to install the tool in your course please contact

Install the Tool

You can install the tool by going to your course and clicking “Settings” in the left hand Sidebar and then click on “Navigation”. From there scroll down to the hidden menu items to find “Quiz Extensions”. (This step may have previously been done for you.)

Once you find the Quiz Extensions menu item you can click the gear icon and click “+ Enable” or drag it into the visible menu items above.

Then click “Save” at the bottom of the page to add the Quiz Extensions tool to your menu. It will only be to you as the instructor.

Using the Quiz Extension Tool

Adding Extra Time to Existing Quizzes

To use the Quiz Extension tool click on “Quiz Extensions” in your course menu:

This will open up the Quiz Extensions tool and show a list of all of your students:

To extend the quiz time for a student or multiple groups of students simply select the name or names of the students who require extended time and click “Submit” which will bring up a dialog where you can select how much time to give the students:

From there you can select the amount of extra time to give the student/s from the dropdown or apply a custom percentage (i.e. 150%). Click Submit and you will see a 2nd dialog letting you know that it is processing the changes. When finished you will see a report that shows all of the changes and the additional amount given to the selected students:

Quizzes without a time limit will be listed under “Unchanged”. That’s it! You have now extended the time for all existing quizzes for the selected student or students.

Applying Extra Time to New Quizzes

If you have already used the Quiz Extension tool to a course and then add a new quiz you can go back to the tool to apply the previous settings for new quizzes. When you visit the tool after adding a new quiz you will see a new dialog box:

Simply click “Apply Now” and your previous settings will apply to all new quizzes.